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this weeks themes:
needing, missing, reading, hoping, playing

First, I'd like to apologize for my absence.  I feel like my days are pretty full and I don't have too much time to myself.  What time I do find, I'm walking on my treadmill while watching Netflix. I really do intend to be more present.  As soon as I find a few more hours in the day...  Also, no graphic this week... I haz the lazy.

a) Needing some good recipes.  Every week I scour through Pinterest and my cookbooks preparing the weekly meal plan.  I always need simple.  And with the price of beef being so insanely ridonkulous, the choices are somewhat limited.

b) My son has decided that he is going to forego playing basketball this year.  I am already missing games.  I'm not missing the money spent getting into the games or the money spent on gas going to all the games/practices though.  I had asked him to give it one year, but ultimately it's his decision and I'll respect that.

c) Reading:  I'm still reading Book of Life by Deborah Harkness.  In fact, I have to renew it at the library because it's due back tomorrow.  Good news though.  I'm ahead on my goal for the year so yay!

d) I am hoping to somehow squeeze in some sewing time.  It's going to be a three day weekend so possibly I could get my crafting on.  I've also been working on some knitting for my best girl's sister who is having a baby!  Yay babies!

e) The youngest has been asking to go to the beach.  She even packed up a bag the other day.  I think one day next week I'm going to pack up the cooler and take her an hour north to the lake.  She'll enjoy playing and I'll enjoy watching her.

Watching:  Still watching Lost Girl.  I did catch up on the last few episodes of True Blood.  I was not impressed with this season.  It was just lacking something.

next weeks themes:
loving, craving, demanding, questioning, worrying

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One & Two & Ready... Go


This weekend we got to experience our kids in their first marching band competition.  It was actually just an exhibition.  A preview show of what to expect from the bands this season.  Each band ran through their show while marching then they played just the music while standing still.  The Butler County Marching Band is the second largest band in the state of Kentucky with 155 marching members.  My son plays the snare drum, and while my daughter normally plays the flute, she is only in 8th grade so can't formally march on the field.  She is in the "pit" and plays the keyboard.

Preparations for the show began many hours before the actual show.  It's a huge undertaking.  Practice run through the show, eating, dressing, hair/make up, and motivational speaking.  I was awed.

A few other bands played before them, but to be honest, it was mostly a blur.  I was just excited to see them hit the field.  The band director not only does high school band (marching, pep, concert, etc.), he also teaches middle school band (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) and beginning band to 5th graders.  He deserves to be knighted and probably needs a huge pay raise.  These bands are good and I'm not just saying that because my kids are in them.

Their show is entitled "Stained Glass" this year.  Moments before they walked onto the field, the sky began to change colors.  Pinks, purples, blues.  We'd been watching the radar for an hour.  A nasty storm cell was moving our way and I thought for sure they would not get to perform.  Instead Mother Nature gave them an amazing backdrop.

About 15 minutes after they were done, amid chaos of packing equipment, gathering kids, changing from uniforms to regular clothes... the bottom dropped out of it.  We nearly died because my husband is an asshat who kept refusing to pull over even though I knew (and he knew too!) damn good and well, he couldn't see a thing in front of him.  He finally relented and pulled over at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere.  We got snacks and let the heavier rain pass by.

It was chaotic.  It was a mess.  It was their first performance of the year.  It can only get better from here.

Currently {august twenty first}


this weeks themes:
calling, lighting, making, watching, planning

a) I haven't been calling much this week.  I don't do much talking on the phone in general.  I think I expended my phone call quota when I was a teenager.

b) Lighting?  Hmmm.  Actually I've been non-lighting.  The temps here have been soaring into the 90's with high humidity.  It's gross out there.  So I've actually been keeping all the curtains closed and keeping as much of the sun's heat blocked out.

c) I am making good on my plans to begin more exercising.  I've been walking every day and sticking with it.  This FitBit is a huge motivator.  I've even been drinking more water and I hate water.  The coolest thing is the sleep tracker.  Tells me how many times I'm awake at night and when I was asleep.

d) Watching:  Lost Girl on Netflix because I've never watched before on SyFy and what the hell was I thinking?!  I love it!  My husband is pissed about this new tablet because I've been chillin' in the bed with my earbuds in ignoring him and Netflixing.

e) I'm in the planning stages of a bathroom remodel.  I actually did some measuring yesterday.  It's a pretty small room so it won't be too pricey, but we are going to put in a window so... yeah.

Reading:  The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness.  This is the third book in this trilogy.  I guess I came a little late to the party because I just read A Discovery of Witches (2011) and Shadow of Night (2012) at the beginning of the year.  I read a lot of YA classified books so these were a nice departure.  I'm glad that I happened upon this one in the new addition section at the library.

next weeks themes:
needing, missing, reading, hoping, playing

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