Currently :: August 30th

Doing: I finally finished my Boneyard Shawl! I won a skein of Caterpillar Green yarn in the Concrete and Tulip colorway from one of Taiga Hilliard's Instagram giveaways back in June. The yarn is AH-MA-ZING. It's a wool, cashmere, nylon blend and it's oh so soft. It's also a self striping yarn that is perfect for this shawl pattern.

Listening, eating, loving, watching: I'm totally lumping all of these into the same category because yesterday was the first band show of the year!!! It was just a preview show, as the official season hasn't started, but it was a great trial run. I love seeing and hearing all the bands. But this does mean that I'll be eating quite a lot of food that isn't good for me. Yesterday I ate mainly Snickers and donuts.

Weather: The weather has been amazing! It's starting to get a little hotter though and with that comes humidity. Boo.

Thinking: We visited an ENT about Neil's broken nose (that the ER said wasn't broken) this week. He said that if we had come to see him within 2-3 days he could have just push it back over, but because it had been 15 days, he couldn't. Since he is still in the middle of soccer season, he suggested we schedule an appointment in six weeks and see about fixing it then. Neil was so excited that he wouldn't have to miss any games that I didn't have the heart to tell him they will likely re-break his nose in six weeks.

Next week will be insanity. Three soccer games, a band fundraiser, a homecoming football game, and probably a little of some other strange happenings. But in the midst of all of this craziness, a little light at the end of the tunnel... Chris got that new job. He doesn't start until September 8th though.

Currently :: August 23rd

Doing: I'm doing a lot of finger crossing. Chris put in an application at the aluminum recycling plant in our town last week. He's done the interview and signed papers, but he still has a physical and drug test to do, scheduled for next week. This job will pay more and offer insurance benefits as well as retirement 401k. The next week or so is going to creep by until we hear if he has been officially hired or not.

Thinking: The first home football game of the season was Friday. The band boosters run the concessions for the games while the band plays during time outs and half time. It was a first for myself as well as a few of the other ladies. We didn't really have any idea what to expect, but at the end of the night, it was a success. I'm thinking that the rest of the home season will be just as successful!

Watching: Today I watched my four year old daughter be so excited with herself. We've had a mouse that has refused to be caught. He's tripped a couple of traps FOUR times and not been caught. He's sneaky, stealthy, brazen. Earlier this week, he walked across my chaise chair in the living room when I was sitting on the couch. The next day, as I was getting that four year old out of the bath tub, he struggled to drag a Sour Patch Kid across the kitchen floor... right in front of us! We had enough and my husband bought sticky traps today. This afternoon Rowan came into the living room from her room, huge smile on her face.

"I killed the mouse! I killed the mouse!"

My husband and I looked at each other, looked back at her. "Uh... where?"

"In my room! I killed it with my foot."

Surely, we thought, she's joking.  No. No, she was not. The mouse came from behind her bookshelf and stopped, looking at her. So she jumped down and "stomped it with my left foot". ERMAHGERD.

My daughter is a mouse murderer.

Eating: We've been eating a lot of frozen pizzas and not-so-good-for-you food. Between soccer games, football games, and various practices, we've just not been home to eat a better meal.

Loving the weather: I can smell Fall y'all! I'm sure it's seen as cliche, but it really is my favorite season. Always has been. I'm a big lover of football and bonfires, however, I am not a pumpkin spice latte fan or an Ugg boot fan so I suppose it evens out.

Currently :: August 16th

Doing: Like whoa. I've been doing quite a bit of running because "Back to School" y'all. Band practices, soccer practices, preschool evaluations, booster meetings for band and soccer, ... trip to the ER because my son played in his first ever soccer game (it was actually a scrimmage game) as the goalie in the JV game and while diving to save the ball, got knee'd in the face by the opposing player. Broken nose. FIRST EVER SOCCER GAME. Thank goodness I was at a booster meeting and did not witness this or the fact that he continued to play, finished the JV game and started in the varsity game.

Thinking: I'm very sad about the loss of some trees from the church next door. They are building an addition that will be a rec center not only for the use of the church, but for the community too. I just had no idea they were going to be tearing down so many of the trees and it makes me very sad. If you follow me on IG, you've seen the video of the last oak being felled. I did get a message from the pastor letting me know that that specific tree has some issues and probably would have died in a few years, but it still hurt my heart and I did shed some tears. So now, I've been thinking about what/when/where to plant new trees in our side yard in the Spring.

Reading: I'm still reading What Lies in the Darkness by K. L. Cottrell. I've just been so busy that I've not had much time to relax and read. Or knit and that's just sad. I did a little knitting and a little reading, but not as much as I should have.

Watching: We put our Dish Network subscription on pause back in May. Did you know that was possible? I didn't, but when I called to cancel, the operator told me about this service. It's basically just paying $5 +tax every month so you don't have to repay to restart your service if you want to do so after the pause. You can chose to pause your service for 3-, 6-, or 9-months. We were paying almost $100 a month. It just wasn't a necessity. However, my in-laws recently told us about Sling Tv. It's just $20 +tax per month. It has nearly every tv station that we regularly watched! ESPN, A&E, HGTV, Syfy, Disney Channel, and more. We are trying it out for now on our new gifted-to-us Roku stick. So far it's pretty awesome. The only drawback is that you can only stream to one device at a time right now.

AND! It's preseason football time for the NFL! Woooooo!

Loving: I am loving that my dad is back from his visit to Florida! He was planning a trip anyway, but this one just ended up being a little more spur of the moment than he would have liked. I really wish the whole family could meet somewhere in the middle every year just to visit with each other and catch up.

Weather: The weather has been surprisingly pleasant for the middle of August. Not very humid or rainy, jusssst right. But... (there is always a "but"...) we are expecting rain chances every day next week. The rain doesn't bother me, the humidity is gross.
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