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Summatime and the Livin' is Easy

Photo taken by Kaia Bewley
So in my last update, which was an absurdly long time ago, I talked about how excited I was to have finally gone back to work after about 12 years of being a homemaker. I very much enjoyed my time being a bus monitor for the school system. I realized that there really isn't enough hours in a day (or week) and time will slip by pretty quickly. I had forgotten what it felt like to be a working mom.

Currently | April 30th

Hello! How can this possibly be the last day of APRIL!?! How could I have missed so many updates?!

Well... I actually went back to a real job! I quit my last job in 2005 to become a homemaker and raise my children. When you haven't been in the workforce for 12 years, it kind of tires you out! I took a job as a bus monitor for our school district. So in the mornings and afternoons, I'm on the bus helping the driver to keep the kids safe. In between my shifts, I volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class. 

So let's do a little catching up.

Sunday Lately | February 19th

Here is what I've been enjoying, hoping, forgiving, delving, and relying on this week!