Currently {november twenty first}

November 21, 2014

this weeks themes:
finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning

Finding:  Glasses!  I've worn glasses since I was in the 2nd grade.  I've tried contacts, but every time my finger comes close to my eyeball?  Nope.  I found a couple of places online where I can order glasses, but...

I'm not sure about my parents, but as an adult I have never once been offered my prescription after an exam.  I didn't even know I could ask for it.  At my last exam, my prescription hadn't changed, but my insurance had.  Under my current plan, the exam is covered, but the actual glasses are not.  Because that makes SO MUCH SENSE.  Anyway...  I needed new glasses because my current pair are prone to just drop off my face occasionally, but I couldn't afford to fork over $200 for frames and another $200-300 for the lenses.  Then my friend let me know that she'd never bought her glasses from her doctor and had never left after an exam without her prescription.  I probably sound like a real dunce, but I had no idea.  I promise I'm getting to the point here....  Kaia had an appointment this week and when I asked them for a copy of my prescription, they nearly fell out of their chairs.  It got worse when I asked for a copy of Kaia's before we left.

The assistant came to the window and said, "Uh... you are aware that she's already picked out a pair of glasses, right?"  I tried not to rip her head off and instead said, "Yes, she told me which ones she picked out.  I'd still like a copy of her prescription please."

They made me feel like I was stealing and I didn't like it.  Because she is under 18, her frames and lenses are covered, but when I go back for my next appointment, they are probably all going to have a heart attack when I leave with nothing but a slip of paper in my hand.

Writing:  I don't do too much writing.  As evidenced in the lack of posts on this here blog...

Dressing:  When I read this all I think about is dressing/stuffing because it's Thanksgiving time!  I have a confession to make...  I hate dressing/stuffing.  It feels like a rock in the pit of my stomach every time I eat it.  I'm not very pilgrim-y apparently.

Thinking:  I've been doing a lot of thinking about homeschool.  It's no secret that my oldest daughter has been struggling with finding herself.  Not to mention the relentless bullying of a few girls.  Because of the shoplifting, she was assigned a court designated worker to defer her case and keep it out of the court system.  As part of the deferral program, she was required to begin counseling.  Her counselor asked her to begin keeping a journal.  A place for her to write down her frustrations, thoughts, feelings.  She accidentally left it at school when she went to the eye doctor and one of her "friends" found it.  Instead of realizing what it was and keeping it safe for her until she returned (like a REAL friend would have done), the girl read it then turned it in to a teacher.  Who read it himself before turning it over to the vice principal telling him that he needed to read it as well because there were things he should see.  The vice principal DID NOT read it, but instead returned it to Kaia.  But the damage was already done.  Her trust was broken by the girl, by the teacher.  Now I fear that she will think she can trust no one.  

Beginning:  I started on the beginning of three different scarves this week.  I ended up getting very frustrated because I just couldn't seem to find the pattern that felt right for who the gift is for.  Finally on the fourth pattern, I think I've got the one.

Reading:  Uh... er.... yeah, still on The Ruins.  However!  I see that Anne Rice has come out with a new Lestat book!!  I guess I need to re-read the Vampire Chronicles series.

Watching:  Peaky Blinders, season 2 came out right before I finished season 1!

next weeks themes:
picking, reading, watching, rushing, planning

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Snow Day!

November 17, 2014

It's officially SNOW DAY #1 here in western Kentucky.  We have basically a half inch of snow on the ground.  I know for you Northerners this sounds crazy, but we take our tiny snowfall amounts VERY seriously.  I made my required trip to the grocery to purchase supplies for the forthcoming blizzard.

Bread?  Check.
Milk?  Check.
Most important item?  TOILET PAPER!  Check!!

Then I sat in my yoga pants and a hoodie for the whole weekend!  I'm a rebel.  A lazy, lazy rebel.  I was able to finish up a couple of knitting projects that I had going though!

I bought the Milo vest pattern from Tikki Knits waaaay back in 2013 and have kept putting it off because it's knit completely in the round.  I hope that after I have been knitting for a few years, my fear and difficulty with the beginning of rounds will go away.  Of course, I had a little bit of trouble at first, had to frog and start over.  Now that it is done, I absolutely love it!  I've never knit anything with a cable and it was easier than expected (I did chose what I thought was the easiest one though) and love the way it turned out!

Funny girl with her crazy faces!

The second finished project is the Margot & Iris Tunic by Fawn Pea.  I actually started this project back in September.  I got bored with it and it sat in a bag for a month.  I used a 100% acrylic yarn for it and I should have used something with a little (or A LOT) of cotton instead.

I've never blocked a project before, but this one really needs it.  Except everything I've read says to not block acrylic yarn because it will mess up the garment.  AHHH!  I haz the confusion.  As you can see from the above photo the bottom garter stitch edge is rolling up pretty badly.  To the point where you can't see the pretty decorative stitching!  And the arms....  I would definitely do them differently next time by adding more rows between the body and the decorative rows and them make them a bit longer as well.

Next project, a scarf!

Currently {november thirteenth}

November 13, 2014

Thirteenth.  Is that a word?  It doesn't really look right.  Sort of like follow.  If you stare at that word for too long, it just starts to look all wrong.

I pretty much neglected my "Currently" posts for the month of October.  Going right along with the theme of pretty much neglecting the whole blog.  Am I the only person who has these bursts of "Oooo!  I want to blog about this and this and can't forget that!"  mixed in with "Oh for fucks sake... I have nothing to talk about!"?!?  I think I'm blog-polar.

See what I did there?  I'm also very clever.


So...  Here I am jumping back on that horse.

this week's prompts:
laughing, crying, cooking, looking, planning

Laughing:  All day, errr-day I am laughing at this crazy three year old.  She comes up with some of the funniest things.  Monday night she told me that my hands smelled delicious. Like milk and chocolate.  Except they didn't and we were laying in the bed.  In the dark.  Wednesday she told me that her jammies were riding up into her penis.  Yep.  Penis.  The child is an endless supply of Rowan-isms.  I should write a book.

Crying:  Nobody has been doing too much crying lately, but I will tell you something that does bring a tear to my eye.  Christmas decorations/music/junk everywhere before Thanksgiving.  Not a fan.

Cooking:  Hot ham and cheese.  Croissants.  I've had them for lunch three times this week.  European style croissants from the deli at Walmart, Kentucky Legend ham (seriously the best ham EVER), and good ol' processed American cheese.  Open faced on a cookie sheet for about 20 minutes in the oven set at 250 degrees.  M'mmmm.... haammmm... cheeessse.

Looking and Planning:  These two go together!  I have been planning what I'm going to cook for our Thanksgiving meal and looking all over Pinterest for recipes.  I'm going to brine our turkey this year. Never done this so here's hoping that I don't make the turkey so salty we can't can't eat it.  Also, homemade ice cream and pear crisp.

Reading:  I am SO BEHIND on my reading challenge!  I am still reading The Ruins.

Watching:  Finished catching up on Arrow last week.  This week I've started Peaky Blinders.

next weeks themes:
finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning

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