Currently | Week 5

Quoting | I had to write a message for my oldest daughter's senior yearbook ad this week. It was harder than expected. However, I knew that I would include a quote from her favorite author, Rupi Kaur. It was hard to choose the right one because so much of her writing is amazing, but I think I found the perfect one for her.

Signing | Hmm...  I haven't really been signing anything this week. No reason to because POLAR VORTEX.

Thanking | I've been thanking all the gods for the ability to pay my electric bill. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to pay it next month considering how cold it's been... EVERYWHERE. I didn't even step outside from Tuesday to Friday. All the nopes on that.

Doing | Since we've had the entire week off from school, we've been playing board games, card games, and doing some crafts. Like a DIY cosmetics kit that Rowan's sister, Kaia, bought her for Christmas. She has, in fact, be driving me CRAZY asking to create stuff with it.

Listening | To "Forest Night" sounds on my Amazon Echo at night. It's all crickets and frogs and the occasional owl. Reminds me of open windows and summer nights. Ahh... warm summer nights.

Eating | Today is Super Bowl Sunday! We're having all the regular junk foods, plus my favorite bacon mushrooms! I used to wrap the bacon around the mushrooms, but I've since improved the recipe. At least, in my opinion anyway! Here's how you can do it too...


  • fresh mushrooms (we use two packages)
  • shredded cheese (mozzarella, or any variation you prefer)
  • bacon 
How to:

  • Cook all the bacon. I prefer to use our Ninja Foodi, but for this it's better to cook the whole package at once in the oven. I use a broiler pan because it has holes that let the grease drip down.
  • While the bacon is cooking, wash or wipe dirt from mushrooms, remove stems. If you wash them make sure that you pat the excess moisture away.  
  • Once the bacon is done, chop it up into small pieces. 
  • Add chopped bacon to bowl of shredded cheese and mix together. Stuff the mushrooms with as much bacon/cheese mix as you can fit in them! If I have any left over cheese mix, I like to sprinkle it over the whole pan of mushrooms.
  • Cook in a preheated 350F degree oven for 20-ish minutes. 

They're so yummy, y'all!

Watching | Beauty and the Beast, not the movie, but the TV series, but not the old series, the newish one, but the one that is still already cancelled. Did that make sense? Thank goodness for Netflix.

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