WIP Wednesday

I completely dropped the ball on being creative last year. I finished a grand total of three knitting projects.


I didn't make anything after April. I have no idea why either.

In true new year fashion, I've got all the goals. One of them is to start AND FINISH at least ten projects this year. That doesn't seem like a lot to many people, but I'm trying to keep my goals attainable. Setting yourself up for failure from the beginning is where I have strayed off the path in the past.

So... keep it simple.

This week I finished my project from the Darn Good Yarn box I received last week, the Snow Big Deal Cowl.

The yarn is super soft and smells amazing. I'm going to hate having to wash it. And I might just take extra care to keep it clean so I don't have to wash it!

Still working on the Barley Light hat as well. It takes a little longer for me to finish projects made with fingering weight yarn, but I like the way it is looking so far.

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