Forty for Forty

I turned 40 in December. Turning 40 wasn't as hard as it was to turn 30. I guess I've just come to a sort of terms with who I am and my age. I don't dwell on it to often because that's just fricking depressing.

2018 was kind of a shitty year. So many downs and not too many ups, but I'm still here and that's something. For 2019, I've decided to do more to bring myself joy. Got to fill that cup of my own before I can fill up other people's cups, right?

I'm making a 40 Things to Do in My 40th Year list. Hoping to do as much as I can, but I'm not putting a real deadline on this because I want it to be stress free. Just being and doing and enjoying. I haven't come up with 40 things yet either! If you are reading this and have any ideas of things or suggestions of things you want me to do or try, let me know! I'll keep adding to my list.

  1. Visit a National Park I've never been to before.
  2. Visit a State Park I've never been to before.
  3. Start and finish at least 10 knit projects this year.
  4. Get a pedicure. (I've never had one.)
  5. Have a weekend getaway with my husband at least once a season.
  6. Have lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  7. Schedule (and go to) a cardiologist appointment.
  8. Read 24 books.
  9. Do more yoga.
  10. Get a massage. (I've never had one.)
  11. Put my feet in the ocean.
  12. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.
  13. Eat at RAW, a restaurant that specializes in edible cookie dough
  14. Eat at Sweet Charlie's, rolled ice cream
  15. Take a road trip with my daughters.
  16. Attempt learning a new language.
  17. Go horseback riding.
  18. See the Milky Way.
  19. ???

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