Oh Look! It's June!

So much has happened since the last time I posted, but you know what... it's too much to even worry about. What I'm focusing on is Rowan's Summer Bucket List.

School went a little longer than expected this year, we didn't let out until May 30th. So when school was finally out, Rowan said, "Ok, what are we going to do today?" That statement brought about her list of things to do this Summer. We've knocked out a few items already. Today I added a couple of items that I saw on my friend's list that I thought she would like to do as well.

Here we go!

  1. Catch lightning bugs ✔
  2. Make s'mores
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Learn to cartwheel
  5. Learn to do a handstand
  6. Go to the lake
  7. Go to Jellystone
  8. Make frozen hot chocolate
  9. Read four new books
  10. Dance in the rain  ✔
  11. Run through the sprinkler  ✔
  12. Star gazing  ✔
  13. Go backyard camping
  14. Bowling
  15. Visit Mammoth Cave National Park
  16. Make Kool-Aid rock candy
  17. Make tie dye shirts  ✔
  18. Go to the library
  19. Make slime  ✔
  20. Build a blanket fort
  21. Bake cookies
  22. Blow bubbles  ✔
  23. Mani-pedi
  24. Find dinosaurs
  25. Visit Louisville Zoo
  26. Make rootbeer floats 
  27. Weekend road trip


  1. Yes!! I have the stuff to make s'mores...y'all come on by. And, we could totally do a meet up to find the dinosaurs and visit Mammoth Cave!! Love your list!!

    1. Yeah, our s'more adventure was less than fun. I let the husband take control of fire duties and that was stupid of me. I'm trying to plan the Mammoth Cave/dinosaur trip now.