Meal Plan | Week 1

You aren't going to find any fancy meals here. We are a family of five on a tight budget. Especially during the Summer months when I am without a paycheck due to the nature of my current job. I have attempted meal planning in the past, but always became "too busy" to keep up with it.

That is going to change.

I have given up most volunteer positions as it was taking up too much of my time. Now I have no excuse to not stick to the plan.

| Sunday |

  • Breakfast - was cereal for most and a Little Debbie honeybun for me. I made a point of NOT buying any more of those at the store this week.
  • Lunch - tried and true... bologna sandwiches. Do not even try to tell me how gross bologna is. I already know, but do not care. They taste like my childhood and it's cheap. 
  • Supper - Buitoni Herb Chicken Tortellini with marinara sauce.

| Monday | Memorial Day

  • Breakfast - sausage biscuits {frozen sausage, canned biscuits}
  • Lunch - ham sandwiches
  • Supper - burgers and fries. Believe it or not, the pre-patted burger patties were cheaper per pound that packages of ground beef. And why does beef have to be so expensive?!

| Tuesday |

  • Breakfast - cereal. It is back-to-school so we'll be in a rush in the morning.
  • Lunch - Pioneer Woman's Olive Bread, I will be attending a Bus Drivers/Monitor lunch and needed to bring a side dish or dessert. I opted for the olive bread because it is inexpensive and easy to make.
  • Supper - grilled cheese. Because both my son and daughter will be at work. I don't use some fancy schmancy recipe. We have a sandwich maker that I just plug in, put butter on one side of a piece of bread, add two slices of white American cheese, butter one side of another piece of bread, and then close the lid on the sandwich maker for about 5 minutes. Viola! Grilled cheese with easy clean up. Also if you haven't tried white American cheese yet, please do so soon. It's WAY better than regular American cheese.

| Wednesday |

  • Breakfast - cereal or honeybun. It's the last day of school. Thank all that is holy.
  • Lunch - probably something leftover.
  • Supper - roasted lemon chicken thighs with potatoes. Woo hoo y'all, it's a "real" meal. I'll probably take pictures and blog about it later.

| Thursday |

  • Breakfast - strawberry muffins, made from a Martha White muffin mix. Don't hate, they are INEXPENSIVE AND DELICIOUS.
  • Lunch - more of those amazing bologna sandwiches
  • Supper - shrimp and rice, like the kind you can buy at Mexican restaurants. The shrimp was on sale a couple of weeks ago and the cheese dip cheese was surprisingly cost efficient.

| Friday | Graduation at 7:30PM

  • Breakfast - blueberry muffins, made from a Martha White muffin mix.
  • Lunch - tuna fish sandwiches
  • Supper - My son is graduating from high school. They don't plan on starting the ceremony until 7:30pm. I usually go to bed at 8pm. I am just assuming that we will all starve before breakfast on Saturday morning because no way am I eating supper at who-only-knows-what-time when we get home. Probably be either bologna or ham sandwiches.

| Saturday |

  • Breakfast - sausage, eggs, and biscuits, because we'll all still be hungry from the night before.
  • Lunch - ham sandwiches
  • Supper - Taco Pasta, probably going to do a new post for this recipe because 1) it's been awhile since I first posted about it, and 2) everyone in the house loves this so it's worth revisiting.

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