Feel A Change Comin' On

You may have noticed a slight name change here. I feel like it needed to happen. I'm not even going to attempt to change the actual web address though. Mainly because I'm not that tech savvy.

If you aren't aware of the meaning behind my blog name, it represents my three children's names. 

Neil - Kaia - Rowan

We've had a few changes to the family dynamic and so I've added the "and company" to the title. I used to write posts often. Ok, so maybe that was a few years ago and now those posts are all archived. Just click "The Vault" at the top of the page if you want to check them out. The older the kids got, the busier that I became. Marching band, soccer, dance class, archery. Then I went back to work. Blogging became less of a priority. When I don't sit down with my computer every day, I tend to not think about it. 

If you are looking for that Pinterest perfect blogger, I am not her. Though I do love me some Pinterest. Mostly for recipes. My house is a mess. Some times I don't brush my hair all day. Buns are a woman's friend. I am always looking for a good deal or ways to stretch money because often we struggle financially. No one ever talks about it though. It's taboo. Hush, hush. We always put up a false front on social media platforms that make it look like we all live a perfect life.

We don't. 

I am a 39 year old with an 18 year old son, 16 year old daughter, 6 year old daughter, and a new grandson, who really needed bifocals two years ago, but refuses to get them until I turn 40. Damn it. 

So here I am, attempting to do the damn thing. One more time.

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