Yaya, Maybe Oma

I can finally say that I'm going to be a grandmother in February! It's a bit earlier than what any of us may have anticipated, but the Universe works in mysterious ways.

On Saturday, I hosted a gender reveal gathering. These newfangled events that didn't exist when I had my babies. I meant to grab some of those cheesy "It's a..." bubble gum cigars, but they slipped my mind. We had candies and cupcakes, chips and dips, pink and blue punch. I wore wedge heels that I had never worn before that gave me a blister on the very top of my toe. I took photos of all the friends and family.

I forgot to take photos with my son and his girlfriend. Why myself or anyone else there didn't think to take photos with the people we were celebrating, I will never know. I'm chalking it up to the excitement of finally getting to let everyone know the gender of the baby! Only a handful of us knew and it was killing every single one of us to not let it out when asked.

They are having a baby boy! I'm going to have a grandson! I still haven't decided if I want him to call me Yaya or Oma. I like them both and can't decide! What I do know is that I've already knitted Little Owen Christopher some wee little pants and I can't wait to get started on the next project!

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