Pause Button is Sometimes Stuck

Our Surprise Lilies, like my posts, just randomly pop up.
Ok so when was the last time I wrote a post? Ah, yes. July. About a million and three things have happened since then. I should start by saying that my friend has inspired me to try harder at this blogging thing. She's come back to blogging herself and she's so good with her writing that it makes me want to post too.

Since my last post, we did manage to travel to Florida. The visit to my family was too short in my opinion. We didn't get to spend enough time at the beach or with family, but we did go just about broke. When arriving back home, the Surprise Lily plants that we thought were dead had popped up out of the ground. Now I understand their name.
Palm Beach, Florida
We barely had time to recuperate from vacation before week number one of band camp started. Then that weekend we headed to Lexington for the Bluegrass State games for both the girls and boys soccer teams. Back home again for week two of band camp. Then we had open house at the elementary school. My Rowan is now in the first grade! It's hard to believe the reality of having a senior, a junior, and a first grader now.

And then... my husband's work had a company picnic. All went well until that night when I began to realize that the heat I thought was spending too much time in the Sun was really a fever. I hadn't run a fever in so long that I had forgotten just how quickly they can bring you down. I managed to keep myself alive for the rest of the weekend and on Monday the doctor let me know that I had pneumonia. Pneumonia! In August! It was actually pretty mild. I was lucky because I got a phone call the week before school started to let me know that they were hiring me back as a bus monitor.

Shoo... you still there? Bless. Now we have the first day of school.

And I survived because I had my secret weapon stash of Calm-a-Mama drops. I've begun to take these daily now. Soon she will have Immunity Drops and I honestly can not wait. Rowan managed to get about a week and a half into school before her croupy cough returned.

So I'm back on the bus, started a second job, have begun the running for soccer games and band shows, and a little more news that I'm saving for tomorrow's blog post.

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