Summatime and the Livin' is Easy

Photo taken by Kaia Bewley
So in my last update, which was an absurdly long time ago, I talked about how excited I was to have finally gone back to work after about 12 years of being a homemaker. I very much enjoyed my time being a bus monitor for the school system. I realized that there really isn't enough hours in a day (or week) and time will slip by pretty quickly. I had forgotten what it felt like to be a working mom.

However, I was notified not too long after the school year ended that the monitor program was going to be undergoing "significant changes" in the upcoming year and my bus wasn't going to have a full time monitor. I can continue being a monitor if I am willing to be put on a different bus and not necessarily the same bus every day. I'm not very interested in doing that for many reasons, mainly that my daughter would have to be getting up much earlier every day to ride with me to the bus lot. I will miss having the extra income, no matter how small it may have been. I do intend to continue volunteering my time in the same classroom as I did last year if the teacher will have me.

I have decided to take up sending postcards through Postcrossing again this summer. Postcrossing is a great little website where you can sign up to send and receive postcards from all over the world. Signing up and getting addresses to send to is free! You only have to pay for the postcard and the stamp. I stopped doing it a few years ago for reason that have eluded me since then. I thought that Rowan would enjoy seeing postcards from all over the world. I also opened it up to sending/receiving cards from the US as well.

In reactivating my account, I realized I really didn't have any good resources for actual postcards. This is where Redbubble comes into the picture. I've purchased stickers from them before and they are very good quality so I thought I'd give their postcards a try. I was not disappointed and I got them in the mail about a week after I placed my order. That got me to thinking that maybe I could sell some stuff on their site too. You may have noticed my sidebar has changed a little to include a gallery of some of the images that I already have for sale on my Redbubble page. I haven't added many things just yet, but it's still new. I love that I can add anything I want and have it placed on stickers, notebooks, t-shirts, and even art prints or posters.

That's where I've been and where I'm going...  bring on the Summer time vibes!

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