Caterpillars Have Scratchy Feet

On Tuesday, Rowan had her first ever allergist appointment. The appointment was made months ago by her regular doctor because apparently it takes months to get your first visit. She was pretty nervous. Mostly because she thought they were going to "swabble" her.

Wondering what a "swabble" is?

When she was sick before they wanted to do a swab of the back of her throat for possible strep. The strep virus was crazy at her school last year. Kids were sick repeatedly with strep throat. She never came down with it, but that didn't prevent the doctor's office from trying to test her for it any time she went into the office. The first time they did a "swabble", she was shocked by the q-tip shoved into the back of her throat. The second time... was a disaster. She screamed, kicked, cried, maybe threw a punch, but certainly did not let them "swabble" her the second time.

It felt like she would always have a runny nose or a cough though. It never got worse that just a sniffle. However, back in April, she got a rash. It came out of nowhere. She didn't have a fever, itching, or any of the classic things you would expect from a rash. So off to the allergy doctor we go!

The doctor was wonderful. Sweet and soft spoken, she really helped relax her. After going over all her symptoms, she explained to Rowan what the little white contraption was that she had in her hand. She told her it was a caterpillar with scratchy feet. She said she would dip his little feet into some water and then he would walk on Rowan's back.

It turns out she has no food allergies so that's awesome. She does, however, how an allergy to tree pollen in the Spring and indoor/outdoor mold. WHICH EXPLAINS SO MUCH! The school system shuts down the A/C and heating units when the school is not in session. That includes after school every day. All that warm moist space just waiting for fungus and mold to grow. Then they turn the ventilation back on and there goes all those mold spores spreading around.

I hadn't even thought about this, but a teacher friend of mine just posted about it that morning before we went to the doctor. Now I am preparing to find some essential oil blends that can help her when she goes back to school in the Fall.

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