Snow Day

I don't recall having many snow days as a child. We just don't get that much snow here in Kentucky. At least, we didn't use to have more than a few inches per year. The most I can remember having was around my junior year of high school. That did not stop me from doing little snow dances at any point that the forecast called for flurries.

Of course, there are those who poke fun at we Southerners who freak out over the first flake we see. Today school was closed before it even began to snow at all. Like I said before, we normally don't get much so we aren't as prepared as say, Minnesota, for winter precipitation. People were quick to jump onto social media and start complaining because it was too soon. Those same people are the ones who are the first to complain when they feel like the school system doesn't close soon enough! I tried to focus on having a another day with my kiddos, who are growing too quickly.

Sure, they mostly spend the day in their own room playing video games, but they're here! And I don't have to put on a bra. WIN-WIN.

Now I STILL do little snow dances whenever the weatherman even hints about it. There is just something magical about snow. Even as an adult, there is joy in even the smallest of snow flakes.

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