Summatime and the Livin' is Easy

Photo taken by Kaia Bewley
So in my last update, which was an absurdly long time ago, I talked about how excited I was to have finally gone back to work after about 12 years of being a homemaker. I very much enjoyed my time being a bus monitor for the school system. I realized that there really isn't enough hours in a day (or week) and time will slip by pretty quickly. I had forgotten what it felt like to be a working mom.

Currently | April 30th

Hello! How can this possibly be the last day of APRIL!?! How could I have missed so many updates?!

Well... I actually went back to a real job! I quit my last job in 2005 to become a homemaker and raise my children. When you haven't been in the workforce for 12 years, it kind of tires you out! I took a job as a bus monitor for our school district. So in the mornings and afternoons, I'm on the bus helping the driver to keep the kids safe. In between my shifts, I volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class. 

So let's do a little catching up.

Sunday Lately | February 19th

Here is what I've been enjoying, hoping, forgiving, delving, and relying on this week!

Sunday Lately | February 12th

One Skillet Meal

I am all about a meal that is simple and uses the least amount of dishes. I am also a big fan of finding new recipes on Pinterest. Of all the things the internet is good for, sharing food and experiences with those recipes is high on my list!

Currently | February 5th

Whoa. This week FLEW right past me! I'm pretty sure I lost it somewhere between a tissue and a nap.


Imbolc is a celebration of the coming Spring. We are halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Almost there! For the Northern hemisphere, this is celebrated on February 1st/2nd.

100 Days of School | FREE Download

Today is the 100th day of school here. When my older kids were in elementary school, they celebrated the 100th day, but they never wanted shirts. I think we did a few cereal necklaces with Fruit Loops or something. Rowan, however, wanted a shirt. She was pretty specific about wanting it to have hearts as well.

Currently | January 29th

I have been missing in action for awhile. I had a very bad anxiety attack. I've been fairly free of serious attacks/depression for the last six years. It wasn't fun, but I'm back now and I have the tools to get better. With that being said, here is my week currently!

Currently | January 8th

I kind of have a soft spot for my Currently posts. A little way to catch up, but sometimes the themes need to be changed up a little bit! So I'm going to integrate a little Sunday Lately themes with a few other bloggers.

Snow Day

I don't recall having many snow days as a child. We just don't get that much snow here in Kentucky. At least, we didn't use to have more than a few inches per year. The most I can remember having was around my junior year of high school. That did not stop me from doing little snow dances at any point that the forecast called for flurries.


Don't worry about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. -Charles Schulz 
This has always been one of my favorite sayings/quotes. I've seen it attributed to Charles Schulz, but I can't find any information that shows for certain that he wrote or said it. Doesn't matter, I still love the words.

Currently | January 1st

This is what I am currently:

Doing | I'm trying to get the house prepared for heading back to work/school. Lots of laundry going on around here.

Thinking | I am entirely consumed with doing too much. Currently I am involved in three booster organizations as a vice president (band), secretary (soccer), and public relations chairperson (archery). I have recently also been volunteering at the elementary school every day. I became involved to be closer to the kids, but I'm so busy that it's causing the opposite to happen. I saw an increase in my anxiety in 2016, too much stress and not enough rest. With my two oldest entering their junior and senior years of high school in the Fall, it is time to step back.

Reading | Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling

Watching | New kitty Damien and Nibbles. Little kitty cares not that the dog outweighs him by 35 lbs. Surprisingly Nibbles is pretty easy with him considering he's never been around such a small cat.

Eating | I bought some fresh sockeye salmon from the grocery store this week. I usually buy the frozen kind because it's cheaper (I paid $10.99/lb for the fresh on sale.) The good part about buying fresh is that the butcher cut the filet into even portions for me. With the frozen packages, you never know what size you'll grab out of the bag.

Weather | It's been rainy since last week. Still no snow.

Work in Progress | I started my first socks (AfterThought Heel Socks on Ravelry) with actual sock yarn! My mother-in-law gifted me with a gift certificate for Christmas and I splurged and bought 40" circular needles in small sizes from Knit Picks. I wanted to use the Magic Loop to do these because I can't seem to get the hang of using double pointed needles, always have laddering. I've done a couple of pairs of socks before, but they were made with thicker yarn. Of course, I'm still working on that baby blanket too.