Sweet Reagan

Reagan | December 26th
We have an outside cat, Muu Muu. A few days after Thanksgiving, she surprised us with two kittens. We never even knew she was pregnant. We aren't even sure when they were born, but are guesstimating about a week before Thanksgiving. The weather was beginning to turn colder so she brought them to us so we would bring them inside where it was warm.

Everything was well until about a week ago when we noticed that Reagan didn't seem to be quite as active as her brother. He was already beginning to eat the solid food and looked a little bigger than her. I began to pay more attention to her actions. At first, I thought possibly she was deaf. She made no reactions to sounds near her. Then I noticed that she would latch onto mama, but she wasn't suckling.

I bought a little bottle and kitten milk. She was too weak to drink from the bottle. I used a small medicine syringe and began giving her small amounts every few hours. She was eliminating and seemed to be gaining a little weight, but she wasn't improving.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, she was still. Mama was with her and began crying to get my attention, but there wasn't anything I could do. We wrapped her in a cloth, placed her in a perfectly sized little box. Rowan told her she loved her and would miss her and gave her a few last belly rubs then placed some flowers around her. We said our goodbyes.

We buried her in our little pet cemetery in the side yard. She was only in our lives for a short time, but we loved her all the same.

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