Gulf Breeze, FL | September 2016
I haven't made any goals for the upcoming year for a while. Probably why I haven't gotten much done for a while either.

There is a saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup. I try to do that a lot. I don't do enough to make sure that my own mind and body are peaceful and healthy. In the past, I've tried for 52 goals. That turned out to be too ambitious. I'm far too busy mid-year to expect to get anything done if it doesn't pertain to soccer or band. I think aiming for 15 is far more realistic and simple.

  1. Read 10 books.
  2. Read a few pages of current book a day/night.
  3. Visit a National Park.
  4. Visit a State Park.
  5. Do more yoga and/or meditation. (I really love Yoga with Adriene.)
  6. Go 30 days with no sodas.
  7. Drink more water every day.
  8. Eat a salads often.
  9. Save $500.
  10. Finish 10 knitting projects.
  11. Walk every day as exercise.
  12. Visit the beach at least 2 times.
  13. Restrict red meat in my diet.
  14. Build/plant/maintain a container garden.
  15. Rent dumpster/purge all old junk from property.
There we go. A nice simple list of attainable goals. 


  1. What a great little list of totally do-able tasks for the new year. I am still undecided if I'll have any "lists" this year or words or whatever!

    1. I've not participated in a *cough* couple of years. ;) I'm trying to start on an optimistic swing for this new year.