Here we are.

It's the end of December. The end of 2016.

I think we can all agree this year has been one hell of a mess all around. There was good to be had, but you had to look pretty hard to find it.

I barely blogged. If I'm honest, it's not because I didn't have the time. It's because I didn't have the words or the feelings. My total amount of posting is actually sad and shameful. Five. I've posted five times in the whole year. Wow.

I'm gearing up to change that. I've got a new blog layout to spruce the place up a bit. Some Spring cleaning in the Winter. I've got to get busy making a goals list for 2017 too. I have to do better so I can feel better. Maybe that should be my focus word for the new year...



  1. I like the new digs!!
    And the photography is 😍! Loving the new aesthetic!

    1. Thank you! Another thing I need to do, use the camera more!