Escape from Housecatraz

I escaped from my house today. It took me four tries to get out of my driveway, but I made it!  The kids were out of school for their sixth snow day in a row.  I'm not excited about the idea of when they will make up these days, but I also am not too excited about them being in a bus on these roads. Many of the main roads are fine and clear, but we are a fairly rural county and many of the back roads are still hazardous.

Having a little "nail surgery" done...
We had plenty of supplies, but our #firstworldproblem was that Kaia and I needed to get our nails re-did!  She's a chronic nail biter.  She got it from her mama (and a little from her dad too) and she's asked for a while to get fake nails.  I put it off for many reasons, mainly because she was too young (in my opinion) and that they aren't the best things in the world.  However, since she's finally starting to like things like dresses and make-up and is nearly in high school, I said we'd go get our nails done together.

First time there and she chose pink polish.  What?!?!  They were stupid cute, but since it was her first time having fingernails of any kind, she was pretty rough on them.  I'm still not sure what she did to a few of them, but I know her little sister broke one.  I teased her and picked at her for abusing the sacred nails.  All in good fun.  This time around she got black polish.  *facepalm*

Then...  this happened.
Waiting for them to dry AT THE SALON, I accidentally bumped my thumb.  Kaia laughed at me.  Said it was pay back.  Then....
Oh. My. Gawd.
I did it again to the other thumb!  Before I even left the nail place.  *double facepalm*  Kaia then teased me and picked on me for abusing the sacred nails.

Kaia - 1, Me - 0.

Apparently I'm a Dumbass

I complained that I had one snowflake in my yard whilst Boston had snow that would cover my entire house.

Mother Nature thought she be all cute and shit and decided to dump a foot of snow on the majority of Kentucky.  I apologize to my fellow Kentuckians.  I will never again complain about my singular snowflake.

The far left and far right of this panorama is supposed to be the roadway.
Residents of more northerly areas sit back and laugh at the sheer panic that has ensued, but let me tell you a little sumpin' sumpin'...  WE DON'T GET THIS MUCH SNOW HERE.  In fact, the last time Kentucky got this much snow at one time?  1968.  That's right... almost 50 years ago.

And it's not even the "good" snow.  It's powdery so not good for snowmen or fort making and so deep we can't get a good sled path.  Poor little Rowan wanted nothing but to go outside and play in the snow.  All she did was stand at the door or window watching it snow.  We finally bundled her up and let her go.

Once she finally figured out how to walk in snow up to her butt, off she went!

After missing work on Monday and Tuesday,  Chris decided to try to get out on Wednesday morning. He, my dad, and son spent several hours on Tuesday trying to dig out as much of the driveway as they could.  But still...

Stuck.  Half in the road too.  One of our neighbors came buy with his farm truck and pulled him out then came back later with a front loader and shoveled the big hump of snow left from the snow plow out of the way of the end of the driveway.  But during the day, the fiercely intense winds started and caused a snow drift a foot deep across the middle of the drive.  So he's had to park the car at the far end of the driveway every day and trudge through this mess at night.

I solemnly swear that I will not ask for any more snow.  Ever.

Currently {february 5th}

this weeks themes:
wondering, running, winning, calling, finishing

Wondering:  We keep getting the short end of the stick around here!  Not that I am wishing for New England blizzards, but can a sista not get a few snow days?!  We've had one measurable snowfall this year and it was gone the next day.  Last night we were supposed to get only an inch, but when I got up this morning.....  one snowflake.  That's what was in my yard.

Running:  Wait... are there zombies!?  'Cause that's the only reason I'm going to be running anywhere.

Winning:  I'm winning at jump-starting my Spring cleaning.  I thinned out the toddler's toys and clothes this week.  As long as I could keep her out of the room, it was easy.  If she happen to wander in....  I'd put 2 things in the tub and she'd take 5 out.

Calling:  I'm going to be calling the electric company.  We had a crazy bill last month and this month's bill is even more, but last month we applied for (and received) assistance for our bill.  However, it's been almost a month and the electric company hasn't applied it to our account so they want us to pay almost $800.  Uh... nerp.  I'm going to try to keep my cool when I call them.

Finishing:  I'm finishing TONS of knitting projects!  I have been burning up my needles this year.  So far I have done four projects and will finish the fifth one this weekend.  This is pretty much why I haven't been around the blog world.  I've already ordered a ton of yarn for future projects.  Psst... don't tell my husband.

Watching:  The 4400.  This is an old show that aired from 2004-2007 on USA.  I loved it.  I was so bummed when it was cancelled without finishing the story.  I hate it when networks do that!  So I'm binge watching it again.

Reading:  ... ... ... still reading Interview with the Vampire.  HOWEVER, I have made time (and progress!) to read so I'm about halfway through.

next weeks themes:
falling, talking, warming, seeing, saying

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