Wringing Wet - A Reality

Some times I read blogs or Facebook posts and I wonder how every one can keep their life all together all the time.  I'd love to show off a super awesome house, but that is not the reality of my life. I've begun to realize that we love to share all the smiling happy moments, but never the struggles or disappointments.

The real deal is that we don't own our home. We make the payment, but it's my in-laws who actually own the house. And we have had a leaking roof for a while. It's become so bad that we use a pink plastic kiddie pool in the floor because I ran out of bowls. This isn't in our living room or anything, but in what we call the "back room". It is mainly used to our cats who are in a rotation of who is in "the mood", all of their do-dads, and our washer and dryer.

The room is a mess. We struggle to keep up with all the cat hair and random litter that accumulate around the room. And dryer lint... that stuff multiplies.

The point of me telling you this? Our washing machine is on the fritz. It just turned a year old. About a week before the year anniversary of purchase, we started to get the "uneven load" code. No matter what we wash, the load will not spin. I've tried every setting possible, but all that ever happens is the machine stops and beeps. I go and adjust the clothes and the cycle will start over from the rinse cycle. Over and over.

We purchased a three year warranty when we bought the machine, but I feel too embarrassed by the state of our back room to call a technician. So I have been washing clothes without a spin cycle. Which means I have to wring the clothes myself and hang them on the line because they are still too wet to go into the dryer. I don't mind hanging them outside, in fact, I prefer to do it that way. I'm not a big fan of wringing the water out though.

I am too embarrassed...... so I made my husband call Lowe's. Seems logical, right? The tech guy is scheduled to come on the 17th. In classic repairman fashion, they gave us a nine hour window between 8am and 5pm for arrival. Of course, Kaia has a dentist appointment smack dab in the middle of the damn day at 12:30pm.

That's my reality right now.

P.S. The roofer was supposed to be here three weeks ago to fix the roof. My in-laws haven't heard much from them, but last week some supplies were dropped off at their house (they are getting a new roof too) so we are hopeful. EDITED to add: Yesterday three strange guys (two of which did not even speak English) showed up on my front porch yesterday with a big ol' ladder. Asking if I'd called for repairs. However, they were NOT professional looking whatsoever. They asked for Jimmy (no one by that name here) and couldn't give a last name or address. Just that they were looking for a house next to the church. I sent them to my in-laws because I thought they might have been looking for their house (also next to the church), but they came back. My MIL called and told me they were going to measure the roof, but I watched them for about 15 minutes and they never did. They sat on the ground in the shade under one of our trees. Oy vey.

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