Two Birthdays

Rowan turn the big 0-4 last Tuesday. We hadn't really planned a big shindig like we have in the past. Mostly because her birthday kind of crept up on me. I blinked and suddenly it was the beginning of July and her birthday was upon us. Also her birthday was in the middle of the week and the holiday weekend kind of overshadowed everything.

We have been minimizing the amount and types of gifts the kids have gotten for birthdays and holidays for a couple of years. I wish I had done it sooner with the older kids, but alas I fell victim to the Go Big or Go Home mentality. Rowan though is pretty much happy with a cardboard box. This fits well with the fact that we only have one income and budgeting is a nightmare.

So on Tuesday we had a little party after Chris got home from work. We ate miniature sprinkled cupcakes and sang happy birthday. She was too excited about her little bowling set to actually eat the cupcake. She just gobbled down the icing part and declared she was done.

Then, very last minute, we decided to have another little party on Saturday so grandparents could visit and share in her birthday celebrations. I wasn't thinking of doing too much decorating, but ended up forgetting the crepe paper to make streamers. I was worried that she wouldn't be happy.

She didn't even notice. You know why? My dad bought her this super cute birthday crown.

She wore it all day long. Wouldn't take it off and tried to sleep in it too. Best $1 my dad ever spent on a birthday present. Thank you Dollar General.

Like a good Hobbit, she had to have secondsies on the birthday cake. Without knowing about the mini cupcakes, my mom purchased this nearly identical cake for the party!

We grilled, laughed, ran, played, changed outfits twice. No one bought a toy that made noise or requires batteries. It was a good day.


  1. What a happy little girl! Of course, I'd be happy too if I got to wear that super cool crown for my birthday!

    1. I am seriously considering buying myself one for future birthdays!