Twenty Four Miles an Hour

I took my son driving yesterday evening. Actually he came in the living room with the car keys and said,

"Who's going with me driving?"

He turns sixteen in October. I can not fathom how he could possibly be this old already.

We live on a road that actually goes nowhere. It used to have a ferry, but something happened long before we became residents of this little rural community and it is no more. Now it is just a few miles of a snaking gravel road located in what everyone around here calls "The Bottoms". As in, the river bottoms. We are surrounded by the Green River here. It's wonderfully fertile farmland, but it does tend to flood often.

We've had quite a bit of rain lately so there were portions of the gravel road that were partially covered in water. I was less worried about the puddles and more worried about the river that was too close for this mama's comfort. He did pretty good though for someone who hasn't really done any driving. Other than a few rounds around the yard.

When we got back to the actual road, he stopped to let me drive. I let him continue because we live about 2 miles from where the gravel begins, but cautioned him to not drive faster than 30 mph.

He drove 28 mph all the way home.


  1. Crazy! At least he follows directions!

    1. He is starting to get irritated with me. It's a gravel road and I won't let him drive over 25mph on it. Once he gets to the asphalt I encourage him to drive a bit faster, but he's still under 40mph. He's doing well though!