Spherical Shapes

Last year I downloaded the Google Camera app to my phone.  Just so I could create one of those cool photo spheres you see on Google Maps.  So I went to my backyard and did a little quick snap snap or spin spin really (it automatically takes photos as you move) to try it out.

Then uploaded it.

Never intending to be more than a trial in doing a photo sphere.

My embarrassing backyard photo sphere now has over 1,000 views.  A thousand people have viewed the overgrown weeds and trees, the makeshift metal covering a window that needs to be replaced, and my seemingly one legged shadow.

Er. Muh. Gerd. Y'all.


  1. Replies
    1. When I got the email that it had that many views, I was shocked!

  2. Whut. It looks green and amazing! And like a bitch to mow but otherwise, wow.

    1. Total bitch to mow. Like a two hour job. In the Fall, it turns all brown and dies though. Which is actually nice because when Spring comes, green starts popping out everywhere.