Currently {Delayed Version}

Hey peeps! So... I had this sort of queued up to post because I thought by Thursday I'd be fine to write out a Currently post. I was mistaken. Horribly, horribly mistaken. I'm just going to do a quick little post here then work on a post about my surgical adventure for next week. I'm aiming for Monday, but I ain't makin' no guarantees.

this week:
looking, loving, planning, starting, wishing

Last week I did a lot of looking at gallbladder stuff online.  What happens before surgery, after surgery... during surgery.

The day before my surgery the farmer sowed the fields next to and behind our house.  I was outside with Ro when he started and we stood next to the house to watch him plant.  He pulled right up to the fence and waved for us to come to the tractor then offered to let us ride along.  Ro was loving it!  If I'm honest, I did too.  It was pretty fun.

I spent the majority of my time  planning for my recovery situation.  Getting everything set up in my bedroom.  Which turned out to be stupid because I've spent the last few days posted up on my couch instead.

The garden is finally starting to show some sprouts!  We are having some critters, probably rabbits, visit at night and eat our little green bean leaves.  We're looking into putting up a fence of some kind to deter them for now.

Last week I was just wishing for Tuesday to get here so I could have the surgery and be done.  Now I am wishing that I had just not done it!

next week:
tasting, wearing, working, checking, playing

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