This is Bullshit

Yeah, that's right.  Bullshit.  We've barely gotten rid of the first Kentucky Snowmageddon before...

BOOM!  Here's 15 more inches of snow!  Gee thanks Mother Nature.  I hate you.
These are just cell phone photos.  I want to go out with the DSLR.  It's just...  so much freaking snow! And it's cold and wwwaahhhh!!

When I stepped off the back steps, this happened.  Up to my knees.  MY KNEES PEOPLE.

This is more snow than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  I fear that this is also going to become our new normal.  Global warming isn't going to go away.  Summers will get hotter, Winters will get colder, snowier.  We better start getting prepared now.

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  1. Yikes! I spent several winters in places where it snows and I don't mind if I never do it again.