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Way back in November, I told y'all about my trials and tribulations with my eye doctor over my prescription.  I finally got around to ordering a pair online.

DISCLAIMER:  I was not asked, propositioned, or solicited in any way by the following company to review their product or service.  I did not receive any free or discounted product for this post.  I just wanted to share my experience.

I chose to go with Zenni Optical.

They have a wide selection.  Men, women, and kids.  If you are worried about price, like myself, they even have a whole section for only $6.95!  I opted to go with a pair that were $19.00 though.

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Price is a big factor for me.  My current insurance doesn't cover new frames or lenses.  I definitely can't afford to shell out $400 for a new pair.  Shipping is $4.95 per order.  So if you want to buy multiple pairs at a time, still just $4.95 to ship.  My total was only $28.90.  

I placed my order on December 22nd knowing/expecting to not receive them until after Christmas.  They shipped on December 31st.  Somewhere between leaving San Francisco, CA on January 2nd and arriving in Nashville, TN on January 6th, my glasses took a four day vacation.  I speculated that they were chillin' in Nebraska.

Until they were scanned at Nashville, the expected delivery date was still showing January 3rd.  Ironically, I contacted Zenni via their live chat on the 6th and got a pretty lazy ass response.  Basically they said... we checked the tracking number via the USPS website and your package left CA on January 2nd.  The "expected" delivery date is just a best guess.  You need to give it a few more days.


Gee thanks for that generic ass response that tells me nothing I don't already know Zenni rep.  Please don't be troubled enough to research where my package is.  *le sigh*  In the end, my glasses arrived and that's what matters.  I mean, I paid less that $30 for these.

Packaging was a bit less than what I was expecting.  My mail lady was able to just put it in my mailbox.  I was a little bit worried.

Just a basic bubble mailer.

Even though the packaging was a little skimpy, the glasses and contents were not broken.  My order came with a plastic case (padded on the bottom), cleaning cloth, PD measurement tool (more on that in a minute), and my glasses.

Taadaa!  New glasses.

I can see just fine, but there are a few issues.  These glasses are smaller than I anticipated so they fit quite snugly.  Remember the PD measurement tool?  PD stands for pupillary distance, which is the distance between the center of each pupil to the other.  This number is used to make sure the center of focus on your lenses is in the correct place.  Zenni has a printable measurement tool that I printed out and used to check mine.  Because don't ya know the eye doctor didn't write that on my prescription.  Anywhosie...  I measured myself several times then I had my husband measure a few times (measure twice, cut once theory) and we got the same number.  63.  I think I may have measured a few millimeters off OR I just need to let my eyes adjust to the new shape/size of these lenses/frames.

When I am looking straight forward through my glasses, all is well.  It's the peripheral that is a little off for me.  It's a bit distorted and causes me to be unfocused for a second.  I seem to remember having this issue when switching to new glasses in the past too.  I'm just hyper aware of it this time because I feel like I did this all by myself and I don't want to mess up my vision.

Conclusion:  I will definitely buy more glasses from this site.  In fact, I'm super excited about trying out some sunglasses.  I've been wearing glasses since about the 2nd or 3rd grade.  Never worn sunglasses, just squinted my way through life.

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