Strange title, no?

I strongly dislike celery.  It's stringy.  It doesn't really taste good unless you smother it with peanut butter.  Or you chop it up and put it in beef stew.

But this post isn't about how celery tastes.  Not really.  It's about the sound celery makes when it is broken in half.

That's the sound I heard a few days ago.  At least to the best of my memory.  When I was inadvertently head butted in my nose by my 2.5 year old.

She damn near broke my nose.

There wasn't any blood.  Pain for few minutes, minor swelling and a little weird numbness.  Mostly this was gone after a few hours.  I haven't seen a doctor.

That sound.  The pain.  Then later, the swelling and numbness in the end of my nose.  I don't think any bone was broken, but definitely cartilage.  But then again... maybe not.  I've never had a broken nose.

Except for that time when I was about 4 and I fell down a flight of stairs, but I don't remember it so that doesn't count.

Even now several days later, it's still sore.  Feels strange if I bump it.  Like when I forget that she tried to crack my skull open with hers a few days ago and I scratch it the wrong way.  Maybe sore isn't the correct word... it's pressure.  I feel pressure.

This is excitement around here.  Woo.

Currently {march twenty seventh}

I'm going to mix it up around here this week.  'Cause I'm just c-r-a-z-y like that.

Ok, not really.

This week I thought I'd share what I've been reading and watching.  I FINALLY found Divergent through the library.  I've been trying to read this book for a year. Yes, I could have just gone out and bought it myself, but I'm a fan of the public library.  In today's all digital, all the time world, it's nice to just slow down.  And I pay for it with my local taxes so technically I own the book anyway, right?  Of course, there has been a waiting list.  Even on the online library rentals, which I only use if I can't find the book at the brick and mortar library.  Waiting lists.  Blah.

I'm only to chapter 23 so far.  It's... hmmm.  Well, first off, I think I made a mistake by reading several reviews over the course of the last year.  It seems either you LOVE IT or you HATE IT.  I noticed that most people who hated it were constantly comparing it to the Hunger Games trilogy.  Which I enjoyed very much. So I'm trying very hard to not make comparisons between the two.  I'm trying to read it as if I've never read the HG.  I'm disappointed in myself though because I keep picturing Shailene Woodley while I read.  I'd rather have my own "in my head" version while reading.

When not reading, I've been catching up and totally crushing on the History Channel's Vikings.  I suddenly want to have more kids and name them Ragnar and Lagertha.  And start researching more of my ancestry with my hand secretly crossed behind my back that I have Northmen in my heritage.  Probably not, but wowzers this show is awesome.  Blood and fights and sex.  Yessssss.

After getting all caught up with that, it was on to BBC America's Orphan Black.  Just a few episodes into this one, but it is very addicting.  I HAVE TO KNOW what is going to happen next.  The main actress plays so many characters that I can't believe she doesn't get them confused.

While I'm on the subject of tv, freakin' ABC.  *sigh* They have cancelled yet another show that has millions of fans.  Ravenswood.  It's kind of a guilty pleasure like Pretty Little Liars.  It's always ABC too.  I was really interested in watching their new show Resurrection, but refused to watch it.  I just know they will cancel it.  Plus their once useful app and online site are now worthless to me because I don't have the correct cable company to watch recent shows online.

We are seriously looking into doing away with satellite package anyway.  It's just too expensive.  I did a bit of figuring and we could save more than $1,500 a year by eliminating satellite and just going with an over-the-air antenna and Netflix and Hulu Plus.  We will be missing some sports games and a few of my most favorite shows, but seriously?


Basketball and Needles

Knitting needles.  Not needle needles because ack, who likes those?!

I just realized that I haven't been around for almost two weeks.  I fear it's just a sign of the times. Springtime! We've been going outside any time the weather was above 50F and on the weekends, we've been cleaning the Winter out of the yard.  Cutting down dead trees or half dead trees, cleaning out dead bushes and overgrowth.  We've been busy.

I couldn't help myself this weekend.  I planted some flowers.  Even though I know that later this week the temperatures are going to be below freezing.  The label said to plant after the threat of frost has passed.  Except I live in Kentucky and we may still get frost in June.  I've just covered them all.  It was simply too warm and beautiful outside to not be in the Spring spirit.  I would show you photos, but I've been consciously leaving my phone and camera inside.  It so easy to get distracted from the moment because I feel the compulsion to check my FB or IG.  It's better to just leave that behind and have fun.

Back to the needles...  it's March Madness time.  That means that there is perpetual basketball games on our television.  I've been using the time to get in some knitting.  I mean, I am already sitting here so I might as well make use of my time.  I put a few items in the Etsy shop.  Knitting is relaxing.  I'm glad that I made that a goal for myself last year and that I achieved that goal.  I'm excited to make new things.

But the yarn... oh the yarn.  It's all so lovely and soft.  And pricey.  I think I need to buy a sheep.  Then someone will need to teach me how to sheer it.

Happy Spring everyone!!

Currently {march thirteenth}

This week I've been...

Hoping for warmer weather and we got it.  BUT... I also got attacked by allergies.  Itchy, sneezy, allergies. Ack.

Wondering if Mother Nature has developed bipolar disorder.  I know that mental disorders aren't anything to poke fun at, but seriously?!  It was 70F a few days ago and yesterday we had snow showers.

Working on cleaning up in and around the house.  When it's occasionally warm enough to do so.  Also I've been working on knitting a few things.  I was about halfway done with the first leg of a pair of longies for Rowan and she pulled the needle completely out of my work when I was putting a load of clothes in the washer.  At first, I almost blew a gasket, but in the interest of not letting things get to me, I just moved on to something else.

I've been wearing my new Julep polish this week!  It's Tania on top of Monaco on the accent nail, but just Monaco on the others.  I love them both.

The picture doesn't do it much justice though.  I haven't mastered 1) good nail photos or 2) not getting polish all over the edges of my fingers.  I have no idea the trick ladies use to have oh so perfect painted nail photos.

We've been eating out entirely too much.  I've got to get back into meal planning and then ACTUALLY making the meals!  Basketball season (for us) is over, no excuses anymore.

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Running a little behind again.  I'm gonna blame it on that darn Daylight Saving Time crap and the lack of warm weather.

*a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014*

Rowan's hair seems to be growing like crazy lately.  She complains her haayer is in her face.  I have to clip it back.

She doesn't want her picture taken.  She doesn't want me to ask her about her day.  She doesn't want the sky to be blue.  She's going through that phase of adolescence.

Currently {march seventh}

this week's themes
declaring, saving, demolishing, sniffing, despising

Declaring all out war on the mounds of laundry strewn about the house.  Last weekend, my husband and father moved our washer and dryer out of our dark, cold basement and into our "back porch".  Why did I quote that?  Because it used to be a porch.  About 50 years ago.  But it's been closed in for years, however, it doesn't have a specific purpose so we still call it the back porch.  This move required re-plumbing (I still don't have hot water yet), re-wiring, and making a place to vent the dryer.  This house is a little over 60 years old and most of the water lines crisscrossing the basement ceiling are copper.  We are now hoping to get the whole thing redone and switched over to PVC soon.  But right now, I'm just so stinkin' excited to NOT have to pack clothes up and down stairs to that basement!

Saving as much hope as I can for any kind of Summer vacation.  Today marks my children's 19 snow day of the year.  This is the second time this year that they have missed a whole week at a time.  My only complaint about all this is that they may end up extending the school year into June.  Normally, we are an August to May school year.  The school board has already extended the year from May 21st to May 30th.  It's been a very unusually snowy Winter here.  Maybe the state will step in and give us a break.

Demolishing pots of coffee a day now.  I've turned into my mother.  Minus the smoking.  P.S.  Dear Mom, I know you read this.  Smoking isn't good for you.  "Don't ever let me catch you smoking!" *as I point and wave my cigarette at you*  This is an inside thing.  She'll get it.

Sniffing dishes in the fridge.  We recently bought a brand new refrigerator and still food disappears inside it's doors.  How does this happen so quickly?!

Despising.  You know what?  I'm not really despising much right now!  Maybe all this snow and cold we've had, but really I've just let that roll on by.  I've really made an effort to change my perspective on life.  This requires me to not take things so seriously.  It's been easier than I thought it would be to let things go.  However, some things leave a deep seated pain that a change of attitude just doesn't fix so quickly.  I'm still working on that.

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ACHOO! *sniff* *cough* *wheeze*

We have been doggy sitting my in-laws three dogs for a few days.  My father-in-law had to have surgery to remove a spot of cancer from one of his lungs last week.  Not to worry, the docs say that it was found early, fully removed, and no chemo/radiation!  Dodged a bullet there.

Luckily they live only a hop, skip, and a jump from us.  Really it's only across the church next door's back yard and over a road.  We've been walking back and forth to let the dogs out to do their business, eat, drink, and be merry.  On Friday, I brought the schnauzer over to our house to spend a little time socializing. All was well.

On Sunday we were expecting a bad ice/snow storm.  News reports were urging everyone to have back up heat and supplies because it was nearly certain that we would lose power due to ice on the lines and fallen trees.  The National Weather Service released a briefing that upped our snow/sleet total to 7-10".  Nearly an unheard of number for this part of Kentucky.  We decided that it would be best to pack up the dogs, their crates, food, etc. and bring them all to our house.  We didn't want to have to trudge through snow and ice to do all this IF we did lose power.  Which the news outlets were saying was a near certain probability.

Like I said, they have three dogs.  A schnauzer, a pug, and a German shepard.

Within a few hours, I had developed a scratchy throat with cough.  By the end of the night, it felt like I had a wad of hairy mucus stuck in the back of my throat and our son began coughing as well.

That's when it hit me.  I remember feeling like this before.  I had thought it was just seasonal allergies.

*light bulb*

It was our dog.  And in this case, it was the pug and German shepard.  I was fine with the schnauzer, who are hypoallergenic dogs, but as soon as we introduced the other two dogs into the house, the itchy, scratchy throat began.

We kept them overnight.  We didn't receive nearly the snowfall or ice that was expected so we didn't lose power.  Monday afternoon after the plow trucks and sunshine had done it's thing, my husband packed the dogs, their crates, food, etc. all back up and took them back to their rightful home.

A few hours later, I was fine.

It's taken me 35 years to realize that I'm allergic to dogs.

DIY Four Leaf Pillow Cover

I first ran across this pattern last year at GoToSew.com.  I hadn't used it though.  It sat quietly in the far reaches of my Documents folder.  Until I had to look at my sofa for a few days with it's cute, but lonely looking pillows that I recently made other covers for.  I had the leaf template, but didn't have the details so I headed to the original creator's, Mmmcrafts, page.

An aside: I did not follow all pattern instructions.  I've had some difficulty in the past finding piping for projects.  I've still not found a good place to buy it.  Which I am bummed about because the finished photos of pillows with piping are so cute!  Also I've not used glue on my fabric projects before so I did without that as well.

What you'll need:

An existing pillow or purchase a new pillow insert (18")
A yard of cotton fabric for background and envelope back
Scraps of cotton fabric for applique
Fabric pencil or disappearing marker
Leaf applique template
Notions (thread, pins, scissors, etc.)

Wash and dry fabric, then iron.  Measure and then cut one 19" square for background and two 19" x 15" pieces for envelope back.

Along the long side of one envelope back piece press 1/2" toward the wrong side.  Then tuck 1/4" of that under, pin, and sew.  Repeat on second back piece.  I used a heavier decor fabric and this was not fun.  I will use a lighter fabric on the next covers I make.

Each leaf needs two 3.5" x 10.5" pieces of fabric. Eight pieces in total per cover.  I used patterned fabric, but you can also use solid contrasting fabrics.

Sew 1/4" seam along the long edge of two pieces, right sides facing.  Press seams open.

Line the points of the template along the seam on the right side of fabric.  Trace the leaf template and mark a dot in the hole on the template so you know which end to put toward the inside.  Then cut out leaf!

I took the square 19" background piece folded it corner to corner, pressed, then folded the other corner to corner and pressed to make a nice X across the background fabric.

Here's where I didn't use glue...  align the leaves (hole/dot side in!) along the lines and pin in place. Press.

I chose to do a straight top stitch before sewing along the edge with a zig zag stitch starting at a point, but you can do whatever stitch you like!  Larissa (original pattern designer) had some great advice to help the zig zag look cleaner.  Make sure when turning corners that the needle is on the OUTSIDE edge of the leaf.  It makes it look so much better!

Next lay the leaf side right side up.  Place one half of the envelope back right side down lined up along the top edge.  Then place the other half of the envelope back making sure to line up along the bottom edge.  Pin in place.

I sewed, starting at the seam of one of the back pieces, with a 1/2" allowance all the way around.  I backstitched over all edges of the back pieces just to give them a little reinforcement.  Cut the seam allowance to 1/4" and clip the corners.

Turn right side out and push out the corners.  Done!


The original tutorial is easy to read and follow and I think that helped.  I finished this in just a few hours.  Probably could have done it quicker if I weren't chasing a toddler around. I can't wait to make a few more using different fabrics!


*a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014*

Nap time doesn't come easily much anymore, but occasionally she lays down all on her own.