Currently {november thirteenth}

Thirteenth.  Is that a word?  It doesn't really look right.  Sort of like follow.  If you stare at that word for too long, it just starts to look all wrong.

I pretty much neglected my "Currently" posts for the month of October.  Going right along with the theme of pretty much neglecting the whole blog.  Am I the only person who has these bursts of "Oooo!  I want to blog about this and this and can't forget that!"  mixed in with "Oh for fucks sake... I have nothing to talk about!"?!?  I think I'm blog-polar.

See what I did there?  I'm also very clever.


So...  Here I am jumping back on that horse.

this week's prompts:
laughing, crying, cooking, looking, planning

Laughing:  All day, errr-day I am laughing at this crazy three year old.  She comes up with some of the funniest things.  Monday night she told me that my hands smelled delicious. Like milk and chocolate.  Except they didn't and we were laying in the bed.  In the dark.  Wednesday she told me that her jammies were riding up into her penis.  Yep.  Penis.  The child is an endless supply of Rowan-isms.  I should write a book.

Crying:  Nobody has been doing too much crying lately, but I will tell you something that does bring a tear to my eye.  Christmas decorations/music/junk everywhere before Thanksgiving.  Not a fan.

Cooking:  Hot ham and cheese.  Croissants.  I've had them for lunch three times this week.  European style croissants from the deli at Walmart, Kentucky Legend ham (seriously the best ham EVER), and good ol' processed American cheese.  Open faced on a cookie sheet for about 20 minutes in the oven set at 250 degrees.  M'mmmm.... haammmm... cheeessse.

Looking and Planning:  These two go together!  I have been planning what I'm going to cook for our Thanksgiving meal and looking all over Pinterest for recipes.  I'm going to brine our turkey this year. Never done this so here's hoping that I don't make the turkey so salty we can't can't eat it.  Also, homemade ice cream and pear crisp.

Reading:  I am SO BEHIND on my reading challenge!  I am still reading The Ruins.

Watching:  Finished catching up on Arrow last week.  This week I've started Peaky Blinders.

next weeks themes:
finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning

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  1. You think YOU'RE behind on your reading challenge?? I have been working on the same book since June.

    1. Oh no! Well the book I had one book for nearly two months and didn't get more than 100 pages in. I gave up on that one!

  2. Can't wait to hear how that Thanksgiving meal turns out! And with a fresh coating of snow here, I'm totally fine with early Christmas-ness...but I'm a sick human being and should probably be punished.

    1. Ack! You used the S-word! We are expecting some type of snowfall, but they won't say exactly how much. Likely won't be much and that's just fine with me!

  3. OMG I'm so blog-polar. Before the Currently thing started up I'd go months in between, then slam out four posts a week for a bit, then crickets. Now I put off all blogging for Thursday and try to cram everything into Currently. ps ladyfriend, your sandwiches sound so good.