Plugged In

I'm not exactly a new band mom.  Both of my kids have been playing in the school band since they were in the 5th grade.  However, I am a new MARCHING band mom.  A couple of weeks ago, we experienced a little taste of band competition when we attended a non-scored preview show.  Sort of like a little kick off to the competition season.

It was exciting and new.  I've always loved music, was in band myself, but marching band is like... whoa.  I quickly realized that these bands are super competitive.  I had no idea.

The first band to perform were amazing!  They had trampolines and stages and everyone was moving around.  The drummers were even playing while jumping on the trampolines once!  They were great.  The next bands performed.  Everyone was very good.  Minimal mistakes.

All the bands needed the use of electricity for their "pit" section.  That's the section that gets wheeled in by ATV's on small carts.  The keyboards, large timpani drums, xylophones, etc.  I understand the need to plug those in.


One band started hooking all their equipment up like everyone else.  Then they began placing microphones across the edge of the field.  NOT like everyone else.  These were to enhance the instruments.  Apparently this is an accepted practice and not against any rules.

I felt duped.  Our band is ginormous, but most other bands were around the same size.  The other bands didn't need the use of artificial enhancements to project their sound.

Like I just found out their boobs were, indeed, fake.  I clearly have a lot to learn.


  1. I wonder if the judges took it into account...hmm. So neat to hear band stories from the mom's perspective. :-)

    Side note: Are you guys sticking with it? I've been wondering...not to be nosy!! ;-)

    1. I don't think that they did because this band won the whole sh-bang. I was dumbfounded. Definitely sticking with it! They've already been in band for years so might as well keep going!

  2. The ins and outs of marching bands are totally lost on me. But I love watching them. So much fun. I had a friend who was in marching band in college and I used to go to all the football games even after I graduated just to watch the band.

    1. I love watching all the bands! I had no idea it was so exciting. :)