Keep Calm and ... Oh Who Am I Kidding

No time to keep calm about anything around here!  Totally missed the "Currently" post last week.  Forgot all about it.  I'm just going to do a quick little post so y'all know I haven't skipped the country.

A mod podge of everything...

+ Finally finished the first four seasons of Lost Girl!  I promptly realized that the next season doesn't start until NEXT YEAR! WHAT?!

+ Tried Jamberry Nail Wraps for the first time.  See here, here, and here.  It didn't go as well as I would have liked.  I took them off after just a week.  First time application combined with user error and it wasn't working.  Currently I'm on the next wraps, used one of their application kits, process was much easier.  Practice makes perfect with these things.

+ Football game Friday night.  The daughter was MIA for the band halftime show.  Thirteen year old drama ensued.  Cell phone confiscated.

+ Saturday there were two band competitions.
     - See last point. Late night followed by a full day of competitions.  Zombie mom.
     -The first competition was the home hosted show.  I was slung into a volunteer position. Thankfully it didn't involve too much interaction with people.  Except I was to ensure that no one was run over by the exiting PIT equipment.  Apparently no one understands the concept of NOT CROSSING the bright yellow "DO NOT CROSS" POLICE LINE tape.  People kept just going under it until I looked like the psycho band mom who was all...  STOP CROSSING OVER MY "DO NOT CROSS" POLICE TAPE!!!!
     - My lips got sun and wind burned.

     - Second competition.  We arrived and the stadium was full.  They had roped off a section for visiting bands.  Except it wasn't big enough.  So they opened up half of it for spectators instead.
     - Forgot my throw blanket.  Promptly froze while sitting in the stands.  Because... HELLO FALL WEATHER!
     - Concession stand had no hot cocoa.  Or coffee.

+ Recipes I used this week that I didn't have time to photograph or write a post about.
     - Oven Tacos from Mommy? I'm Hungry!
     - Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta from Annie's Eats