Wax On, Wax Off

Holy hell... I haven't posted in what feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  I can't believe how busy we have already become since school started!  I've barely touched the computer in days.  Most of my days have been spent getting the filthy house cleaned after a Summer of being lazy.

See here's the thing... I'm not domestically inclined.  And I'm lazy as hell.  That combination usually leads to an overwhelming mess that adds up quickly.  Last year, I implemented on myself a cleaning list.  I thought it would help me to get shit done.  It did for the most part, but still needed work.  The chore charts that I had made for the kids weren't really working either.

A quick Pinterest search turns up a plethora of weekly cleaning schedules.  Cleaning schedule sounds so much better than chores, doesn't it?!  I found one that met more of my needs from Uncommon Designs.  It was colorful, but wouldn't suck every last bit of ink from my printer.  The problem was that it didn't really cover all that I needed like a place for monthly cleaning.  You know... those items that just don't need to be done that often, but still need to get done and if you don't have them on a list, you will just forget and they NEVER get done.  Yeah, I needed a spot for that.  And they spelled vacuum wrong and it was bothering me.

My cleaning schedule...

Download this version here.

I also adapted this list for the kids.  They have every day chores like making their beds, brushing teeth, emptying or loading the dishwasher, and laying out tomorrow's clothing choices.  Their weekly chores rotate between them and revolve around pet care and taking out the trash.

As you can see there are no Friday, Saturday, or Sunday items.  Because everyone needs some time off work, right?!  I've found that getting everything done during the week leaves not much left to do on the weekends anyway.  It's nice to not feel overwhelmed with all the housework.  Small tasks each day get everything done and still leave time for other things.  Unless you are like me and abandon your cleaning for the two months surrounding Summer break from school.  I do not recommend that approach.

Also available in a blank version here or both versions here.  I used Photoshop Elements to adapt my list.

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  1. LOVE your schedule! Dude, I'll be adapting it when our school year starts. (I, too, tend to be a lazy cleaner...especially during the summer, wink wink.) Thanks for sharing! It seems so much more manageable the way you've set it up, and totally doable.