I know this is the most interesting blog post title you have ever read, isn't it?

I've had many things happen to my older kids that seemingly happen to all young kids at some point in their lives.  Falling off beds, picking noses, seeing parents naked.  But never the things my toddler did today.  Ever.  In one day, she decided to go head first into the "things that inevitably happen to parents" list.

I should have known when she was quiet.  Toddlers + silence = total world annihilation.  She came walking into the living room from the direction of the bathroom.  The oldest daughter looked at her and asked, "Oh my gawd, what is on your arm Rowan?!"

I was afraid to look, but being the stellar parent that I am, I looked.  You know what it was.  SHIT.  All over one arm.  I guess I should be... a) glad that she had pooped in the toilet, and b) glad that it was only a few smears on one arm.  Instead of the horrific mess it could have been.  But seriously...  she played in her poo.  *gag*

Not at all related to the post, but look at that innocent, sweet, sleeping baby.
Second on the list today... money.  She has become very interested in quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. If she finds one she immediately asks for her piggy bank.  However, occasionally she decides to put them in her mouth first.  I immediately yell at her to get them out of her mouth.  Today was no exception.

She was sitting in the floor in front of the tv.  I heard the change.  I told her three times to get the change out of her mouth.  In the blink of an eye, it happened.  She jumped up, ran to me, while gagging/spitting up.  As I swung her around to give her the Heimlich, she swallowed.

This happened 10 minutes before my husband got home and about 30 minutes after the pediatricians office closed.  I can't contact them until Monday.  I haven't contacted the emergency room yet.  98% of the people I asked suggested that all they will tell me is that it will pass on its own.  Many of them had done it themselves as children.  She isn't showing any signs of being hurt or that it is bothering her.

Now we are officially on Poop Watch 2014.


  1. Apparently that is pretty common with kids. I'm sure she'll be fine.

    1. You're right! After asking around, it appears it happens way more than I thought it did!