First and Last

A few short months ago I was teary eyed and sad because my son was graduating from middle school.  Just the mere idea of him starting high school was too much for this mama.  Then I realized that this also meant my oldest daughter would be starting her last year of middle school.  Ack.

Today was the day.  *insert that music from Jaws*

First day of high school.  He said he wasn't nervous.  In fact, he's like his father that way.  Any ol' shoulder shrug will do.  Meh.  I took him last weekend for a hair cut.  He walked in a 14 year old boy, walked out a 14 year old young man.  When his youngest sister saw his freshly cut noggin, she said, "Whoa Bubba."  Then stared at him with the stink eye for the entire car ride home.

Last first day of middle school.  Not excited.  This was her, "I am smiling!" face.  She was upset with me because I wouldn't let her wear the outfit she wanted to wear.  The pants had holes and the shirt was a tank.  Holey pants may be all the rage, but not for this mama.  She has purple and pink hair.  I think it's fair that I set limits on the holey pants.  I'm not sure when exactly she turned into a young woman, but she can stop it.  Stop it right now.

Baby sister wanted to "Take a pishure tooooo mama!!  Rowy in the pishure too!"  After I got back home and put the SD card in the computer, I had a little laugh at her holding my wallet and phone.  It looks as if she's on her way out the door to work herself.  Except... no shoes.


  1. It's sad how quickly kids grow up.

    And you are one cool mom! I can't imagine my mom letting me have pink hair when I was younger! She barely tolerates it now!

  2. Those three are gorgeous. Hope school is going well now they're a couple of weeks in.