Pickled Salad

Korean BBQ salmon with pickled salad
and red pepper gastrique.
This past weekend went by too fast.  As most weekends do.  Saturday we took our son and his girlfriend out to eat at a local restaurant, Novo Dolce. Today is their one year anniversary!  I had eaten there once before with a friend, but they recently moved to a newer building and I had been excited to check out the new digs.

I was not disappointed. I had their margherita pizza, which is what I had last time.  I know I walk on the wild side.  I can't help myself.  It was delicious.  The Husband had the special of Korean BBQ salmon.  I snuck a bite.  Or two.  It was cooked perfectly and tasted oh so yummy!  The red pepper sauce was HOT, but was balanced out well with the pickled salad.

For dessert we had their made-in-house gelato.  My son and his girlfriend had the chocolate chip and I tried the Fruit Loop.  The chocolate chip was very, very good.  The Fruit Loop?  Not so much. It kind of reminded me of those last few bits of cereal in the bowl.  A little soggy and there are crumbs floating in the milk.  Meh... next time I know to get the chocolate chip.  I definitely look forward to going again.

Next up... Maleficent.  Much better than I was expecting.  I don't really know what I was expecting though. Angelina Jolie isn't one of my favorite actresses, but I enjoyed this role.  It's definitely a movie worth watching.

On Sunday, my dad and husband replaced the battery in my husband's truck.  Then discovered that it was the alternator so they replaced that too.

Somehow this morphed into cleaning up the garage.  I can't remember the last time we actually parked a vehicle in that garage.  It's more like a storage building now.  We really need to spend a whole weekend just disposing of the junk that has accumulated there.  While they rearranged and threw a few things out, I sat in a folding camp chair and supervised.

Rowan procured the services of her sister to dig up and then bury various rocks found in the driveway. This girl loves to dig in the dirt.  She's become fond of worms too.  Usually they are already dead, but she just thinks they are sleeping.