The Time Has Come

I've reached a peak.

My son is only a month away from becoming a high school student.  I know technically he won't be a freshman until next August, but as soon as that bell rings on May 30th, he will no longer be in middle school.

At the hair salon, not amused.
My oldest daughter is nearing the dreaded age of 13.  Except I swear this has been the longest year of being 12... like eva.  She is trying to find herself.  Trying to figure out where she belongs.  At this point, she's in her wearing all black, listening to strange bands I (and most other people) have never heard of, paying less and less attention to her school work, and generally being a pain in my ass.  Basically, just like I was at that age, except I wore flannel because grunge rock man.  Lately she's been having some problems with a mean girl, her frienemy.  I try to do what I can, but it's been difficult.

Phone perpetually in hand...
The weather is finally starting to cooperate with the correct season here.  My youngest daughter is keenly aware of this fact and wants nothing more than to "go 'side, play!" (Go outside and play!) all day long.  One day last week, she put her shoes on over her footie pajamas and was out the door before she'd even eaten breakfast.  She threw a perfect toddler fit when I made her eat first.

Just organizing my rocks...
I've also been staying busy.  Making more of an effort to get things done and not waste my time hovering over a keyboard.  I reserve that for when I'm searching Pinterest for recipes.  I've been baking cookies and multiple loaves of bread.  Cooking dinner from scratch every night, making pancakes ahead of time and freezing for before school breakfasts.  This makes it easier to not spend $4-5 for a single box of cereal.  I've also been knitting and taking time to myself to read.  Not to mention, I like to be outside getting my daily doses of Vitamin D as well!

All of this culminates to me taking a break from blogging for a little while.  I love my little space in the blogosphere.  I'll continue to read and try to keep up with the goings on, but it's time that I do a little more focusing on my familyosphere.

I'll still be around.  Mostly on Instagram or the Facebook.  I just think the time has come to focus more on myself and my family.


  1. It sounds like you definitely have your hands full! I can't believe you have a kid almost in high school.

  2. Whuuuut?
    But, but, but....why?
    Also, okay...I understand.

  3. Have fun I'm dealing with my threenager