Strange title, no?

I strongly dislike celery.  It's stringy.  It doesn't really taste good unless you smother it with peanut butter.  Or you chop it up and put it in beef stew.

But this post isn't about how celery tastes.  Not really.  It's about the sound celery makes when it is broken in half.

That's the sound I heard a few days ago.  At least to the best of my memory.  When I was inadvertently head butted in my nose by my 2.5 year old.

She damn near broke my nose.

There wasn't any blood.  Pain for few minutes, minor swelling and a little weird numbness.  Mostly this was gone after a few hours.  I haven't seen a doctor.

That sound.  The pain.  Then later, the swelling and numbness in the end of my nose.  I don't think any bone was broken, but definitely cartilage.  But then again... maybe not.  I've never had a broken nose.

Except for that time when I was about 4 and I fell down a flight of stairs, but I don't remember it so that doesn't count.

Even now several days later, it's still sore.  Feels strange if I bump it.  Like when I forget that she tried to crack my skull open with hers a few days ago and I scratch it the wrong way.  Maybe sore isn't the correct word... it's pressure.  I feel pressure.

This is excitement around here.  Woo.