Basketball and Needles

Knitting needles.  Not needle needles because ack, who likes those?!

I just realized that I haven't been around for almost two weeks.  I fear it's just a sign of the times. Springtime! We've been going outside any time the weather was above 50F and on the weekends, we've been cleaning the Winter out of the yard.  Cutting down dead trees or half dead trees, cleaning out dead bushes and overgrowth.  We've been busy.

I couldn't help myself this weekend.  I planted some flowers.  Even though I know that later this week the temperatures are going to be below freezing.  The label said to plant after the threat of frost has passed.  Except I live in Kentucky and we may still get frost in June.  I've just covered them all.  It was simply too warm and beautiful outside to not be in the Spring spirit.  I would show you photos, but I've been consciously leaving my phone and camera inside.  It so easy to get distracted from the moment because I feel the compulsion to check my FB or IG.  It's better to just leave that behind and have fun.

Back to the needles...  it's March Madness time.  That means that there is perpetual basketball games on our television.  I've been using the time to get in some knitting.  I mean, I am already sitting here so I might as well make use of my time.  I put a few items in the Etsy shop.  Knitting is relaxing.  I'm glad that I made that a goal for myself last year and that I achieved that goal.  I'm excited to make new things.

But the yarn... oh the yarn.  It's all so lovely and soft.  And pricey.  I think I need to buy a sheep.  Then someone will need to teach me how to sheer it.

Happy Spring everyone!!


  1. Everyone's all "woohoo, March Madness!" and I'm like "Woohoo! Baseball Opening Day is on Monday!"

    1. Haha! When my kids were playing Little League we were excited about opening day too. :)