From Russia and Belgium

Sent: 18 DEC 2013
Received: 21 JAN 2014
Travel time: 34 days

I love cards that show such beautiful architecture!

Sent: 29 JAN 2013
Received: 4 FEB 2014
Travel time: 6 days

This is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.  Started in 1905, construction wasn't finished until 1969!  It is one of the ten largest Roman Catholic churches (by area) in the world.  Again... beautiful architecture.


  1. Those are both beautiful. I love bright, colorful, fun cards.

  2. ....I have got to make the time to do that.......I get caught up in crocheting and stuff around the apt and let some fun things slide in the process.......I am going to make myself find the time !!!!! the architectural elements of these buildings and the fact that you connect with people around the world