DIY Pinterest Style

I am the world's worst decorator.  I see things in magazines or online, but can't seem to recreate it.  The walls in my living room are fairly bare and contain only a collage frame of 4x6 photos from 7 or 8 years ago, an antique mirror that has seen better days, and a large framed drawing that my mother drew when she was pregnant with me.  So what's a wayward decorator to do?  Pinterest!

We've all seen the embroidery hoop projects.  In fact, I think it was one of my very first pins. I loved them for their simplicity, colorfulness, ease of change.

So I bought some hoops, more fabric than I needed, and a can of paint.  I waited for what seemed like months to have a day that was warm enough to paint.  I took the inside hoop out of all the hoops and just painted the outside hoops plus the chipboard letter.  Mostly though I painted my fingers.

These hoops are so easy to make.  The hardest part is trimming the fabric around the edges.  I warmed up my hot glue gun and glued the letter to one of the bigger hoops.  That wasn't nearly as easy as you think it would be.  Hot glue doesn't stay hot very long.

I thought seven would be enough, but I need more hoops!  Also my friend, Cam, mentioned that a nice thrifted photo frame (one of those scrolly kind) would be great to go with them.  So now I'm waiting for the next semi-warm day to head out and go on a thrift and find mission.

A word of caution about Command adhesive.  We live in an anomaly of a home.  When we first moved in we thought the walls were made of plaster, but as it turns out, no.  It's concrete.  No seriously.  Concrete.  Which I guess is a good thing because we live in a tornado high traffic area.  Not such a good thing when you want to hang photos or other things on your walls.  You have to get a drill, drill bit, anchors, anchor screws, blah, blah, blah.  I opted to use these adhesive tabs that are touted as being easy to put up and remove.  I put this particular one up about two inches below where I had intended to so since I had extra tabs I decided to remove it.  Oops.  Took some wall with it.  Either I was too eager to remove it or it's not as handy dandy to remove as they say.

In any case, I love the way they turned out and they make at least one wall of my living room look good!  I made pillow covers too!


  1. I think you did a great job........that looks good....colorful.....adds some charm

  2. Bravo! Looks great! And, ya know, since the mirror was my have to take me with you to find one. No, seriously! GET ME OUT OF HERE! Haha!

    1. The Universe needs to stop raining (or snowing/icing/sleeting) on our weekends!!