My January Julep Maven Box

The January 2014 Julep box is the third box I've received from Julep.  My first box was the starter box.  My style profile is Boho Glam, but this month I really liked the colors of the Classic with a Twist profile.  I actually considered skipping this month since we are still recuperating from the Christmas holiday spending spree, but once I saw Mona, I knew I would go ahead with it.

Contents of my box:

Mona - storm cloud grey creme
Abigail - light peony pink silk
Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops
... and I honestly have no idea what those other things are!

I am the world's worst at doing pretty manicures!  I need to pay a visit to a beauty supply store and invest in do dads to clean the polish mistakes.  I am sure there is an official name for them, but do dad works for me.  The grey is a very dark grey, but I like it's neutralness. (Yes, I made up a word there.)  I've never used a silk finish polish before.  It is also a neutral color though it says in the description that it's a peony pink.  It's so light!

Best part of this box?  Those Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops.  Amazing.  The bottle is 1 fl. oz. and that doesn't seem like much, but I only used one drop on each finger.  They should last quite some time.  They are well worth it.  Cut the drying time at least in half.  This is great for a busy mom of a toddler.

So far I've been pretty impressed with the Julep polish.  I look forward to next month's box.


  1. Oh I am impressed by the quick drying drops - I NEED those!!

    1. I was seriously impressed myself. One drop was like.. whoosh! Dry! Ha!