Is it Friday already?!

*view of Russellville, KY town square through a dirty windshield*
I had fully intended to blog something this week.  Instead, not only were my kids out of school on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day, but they were also out Tuesday through Thursday.  We can pretty much kiss any plans for Spring Break goodbye.

I have been trying to spread my time.  I didn't read as much as I wanted too last year.  I didn't knit as much as I wanted too last year.  I completely stopped journaling, which is a problem.  I spent too much time online, not enough time offline.

So far this year, I've read a whole book!  Look at me go!  I'm currently working on a second.  I bought an inexpensive journal and new pens.  I've made it this far....

*that's a leg, people*
...on my first knitting project.  They are baby bell bottoms.  This is leg one.  I've cast on the second leg today.  Since I'm still fairly new to knitting, I'm a bit worried about putting the two side together then joining in the round for the upper portion.  But I'll never know if I don't try so if you don't hear from me for a while, I've gotten myself snagged in a ball of yarn.

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  1. Sorry about the kids being out of school so much. But it sounds like you're being at least semi-productive, so that's good!