It's 2014!!

I woke up this morning and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted.  That weight being the year 2013.  

My friend, Cam, always chooses a word for the new year.  I was reading her post and nodding along.  We are so much the same and yet so different.  It works.  When I got to the end, one word stood out to me.


It spoke.  Intentions is so much better than resolutions or goals.  For me, those words are heavy.  They feel like a burden.  If I don't make the goal, I feel let down in myself.  I feel angry and unaccomplished.

Intentions.  Now that's something I can work with.  No expectations.  Just a relaxed, laid back view on the Universe.

I feel the new year opening up in front of me.  Like the skin on my new tattoo that has mostly sloughed off, the old year is moving behind me and I'm moving forward.

First mission?  Buy a new journal.  I didn't journal last year.  I think that's a problem.  I've got to get things out of my head at the end of the day.  Last year, everything just stayed in there and stewed.  Not the good kind of stew either.  Maybe I should say it festered.  Kept me up at night and generally just sucked balls.

I'm going to try new things.  Do different.

So here's to new intentions! 


  1. I like that too. Or I like to say goals for the new year, which really are just life choices that will happen this year more so then resolutions. It works!

    1. Yes, choices! Sounds so much better to me. I can make the choice and not feel burdened by those resolutions! :)

  2. Intentions...choices...just staying mindful of where we'd like to see our path lead this year... Happy new year, my friend... I am glad 2013 is over for you...keep breathing easy...