Between all the running we've done for basketball games, basketball tournaments, and various Christmas dinners, I am completely over Christmas.

I don't know what went wrong this year.  I just couldn't get in the spirit.  We didn't even bake cookies for Santa.  He was probably grateful though since everyone else baked some instead.  We did have a nice Christmas morning though.  My mom, dad, and brother all came over.  We watched the kids open their presents then my husband cooked a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits.  Followed by a yummy strawberries & cream Butter Braid.  If you know someone that is doing a fundraiser for these, buy one.  Apple is my favorite.

Fun times were had by all.  This year Rowan has mastered the art of present opening. She even tried to open a few of someone else's presents at our in-laws!  My heart did swell to epic proportions when she opened her canister of flavored Tootsie Rolls and began distributing them around the room.  She's always willing to share.  At least her food anyway.   

My super artistic brother and I have been working on a tattoo idea.  I have one other tattoo that I got many years ago.  I've been wanting more ever since.  So after everyone took their new gifts to their respective corners of the house, I jumped in the car, went to my mom's apartment, and sat for about five hours getting injected with ink!  

This pic was taken not long after it was done.  Still super fresh.  Yesterday it was still pretty swollen and red. However I found the perfect "lotion" to keep it nice and moist.  Coconut oil.  Yet another great use for it! Coconut oil is like a miracle substance.  Today (day 2), it's not nearly as swollen and barely red.  As painful as it started to get around the three and half hour mark, I'm just about ready to start research for the next one.  Definitely a smaller one...

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