Yeah, I Skipped a Day

Please don't sue me, but I skipped yesterday's post.  The prompt was about healthy habits.  I probably could have written a better post about my unhealthy habits.  I always have lofty ideas, but have no willpower to follow through with them.  I'm lazy and haven't found the proper motivation.

Today's prompt asks where will I be in five years.  Well, I'll probably be right here.  Hopefully on a newer couch in our living room that we've replaced the funktastic carpet in.  But by and large, I'll still be here.  Still be doing laundry day and grocery shopping on Sunday, baking the best banana bread my kids have ever tasted, mowing the grass on Saturday, knitting, probably drinking more coffee than I do now.

And then it dawned on me...

In five years, I'll be sending my son to college.  My oldest daughter will be a Senior in high school.  My youngest daughter will be in Kindergarten or 1st grade.

Suddenly five years seems like tomorrow.  Suddenly I don't mind that we had to travel to three away games this week for my son's basketball games.  Suddenly I'm only slightly less irritated that I have to get up early on a Saturday morning to take my daughter to All District band tryouts.

Suddenly I want them to just stay my babies forever.


  1. .....and the next thing you know you will be sitting at your computer reading about your grandchildren growing up and realizing your baby hasn't been a baby in a longgggg time.........ahhhh but the joy of watching your grandchildren grow and become young adults.......