My Thoughts on Education - Sixteenth of 30

Having two children in the school system, I am constantly tempted to homeschool them.  The current state of education in this nation is laughable.

I've noticed as I've become older that the kids seem to be getting dumbed down.  My kids haven't ever done an honest to goodness book report.  They can read very well (my son could read before Kindergarten), but I feel that more emphasis than is necessary is put on "hurry up" reading for AR points.  AR stands for Accelerated Reader and is a program that assigns points to books.  In our school system, the kids get goals to reach every 9 weeks.  What happened to reading for fun?  Or just reading a book once a month and then writing a report about it?  Last 9 weeks, my son's Language Arts (they don't even call it English anymore) teacher told me that he would have a better grade if he'd taken more AR tests.  This irritates me.  He has 7 other classes (with homework) every day, not to mention he's also in the band and plays on the basketball team.  Reading 4-5 books every month and a half isn't impossible, but highly unlikely.

Grammar/spelling.  Today's students probably can't even define these words.  Raise your hand if you remember spending day after day conjugating words?  Also breaking down sentences to show what were nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc.  Memorizing, writing, and re-writing your spelling words.  There should be an app that allows parents to force their children to use proper grammar when texting. N dont 4get da spellin wurdz.  Every time I see this stuff I feel like a little bird is dying somewhere.  Grammar and proper spelling ARE SO IMPORTANT.  If you don't use them properly, you look ignorant.  Period.  I'm not perfect myself, but at least I put forth my best effort!

Cursive writing.  Why is this being ignored?!  Neither of my older children have good penmanship.  I tried to help my daughter with her math homework last week.  I tried.  I had to tell her to slow down because I couldn't read a single thing she was writing!  They have done cursive worksheets in the past, but it was several years ago.  I don't feel that there was too much insistence in learning it.  This is just another example of something that can make you look less than you are.  If I had to print everything I wrote... ick.  You would think I was in the 3rd grade.

I would like to have penmanship this beautiful...

1930s Postcards - Penmanship
image credit | Flickr user pancakes for dinner
Of course, I'm speaking about the state of schools in my area of 'Merica.  Every day I see one more reason that makes me want to move my family to Europe.  Education and other wise.

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