Movies That Make Me Happy

Is it considered okay if I combine days on a challenge?  I'm voting for yes.  We've been so busy the last week or two with cars, basketball, and sickness that I've gotten behind in writing and scheduling posts.

The Cinema or DAY 19 - MY FAVORITE MOVIE

I have a long list of movies that I could watch many times over.  There is one movie that I absolutely adore. Actually it's two movies, but I never watch one without watching the other.

The Godfather 1 & 2.

Never the third installment.  It was rushed and is no comparison to the first two.  The soundtrack was amazeballs.  The costumes are absolutely beautiful and really put you in the time period.  I love it.  The family dynamic, while seriously dysfunctional, shows their love for each other no matter what it takes. The actors are perfect. It's just perfect. I love it.

The Happy Portion or DAY 20 - WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY

Firstly, let me just say that when we got into a minor accident a few weeks ago (Oct. 26th), I was completely freaked out.  No one was injured, the car suffered only minor damage and the other driver (an 18 year old college student who failed to stop at a stop sign IN THE WAL-MART PARKING LOT and swears she "didn't see" us in a bright orange car) was at fault, but we've all seen the commercials.  The ones from lawyers offices that repeatedly tell you that you better get a lawyer or the insurance company will utterly screw you over.  I was terrified that the other drivers insurance wouldn't pay to fix our car and would give us a hassle.

I was so wrong.  Our insurance company was easy to work with and helped get us started.  When I called her insurance company, I spoke with the sweetest lady who took all of our information and I emailed her a copy of the police report.  The next day I got a phone call from the actual insurance agent who set us up with the adjuster for our area.  The adjuster called the day after that to schedule a day and time to give us an estimate on our car.  Even though they said we didn't have to do so, we took our car to a local body shop that works closely with the business that my husband works at to get an estimate from them.  The next week we took our car to the local office to meet the adjuster.  He gave us an estimate that included replacing whole parts straight from the manufacturer plus other parts and labor AND he came in above the body shop's estimate!  We got the check in the mail a few days later.  They even paid for our rental car while our car was in the shop!  It was so painless.

Yesterday we picked our car up.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until we pulled in the parking lot and I saw it sitting there.
All pretty and shiny again!  It felt so good to have her back.  I will admit that I miss the size and room that came with the rental car, a 2010 Chevy Impala.  The only complaint I had was the fuel economy.  While it got decent gas mileage, we are used to our 4-cylinder Kia, not a 6-cylinder.  And we've been doing A LOT of traveling.  Our son's first 5 basketball games this season were all away games.  So having my sweet little orange car back with minimal hassle makes me happy!


  1. Can you believe I've never seen The Godfather?

    I'm glad you got your car back. It's a great feeling, isn't it?

    1. No. There is no way you haven't seen this! You've seen everything! Haha!