If I Won the Lottery or Twenty Third of 30

On Thursday, I briefly mentioned a couple of homes in Australia.  Today I'm going to highlight one of those and show a different one that I love.

If I won the lottery, the very first thing I'd do would be to establish college funds for all three of my children. Their education and well being is first and foremost.  Then we would work on moving... to Australia. Of course, we would need to keep a home here in the US for holidays and family visits.  Plus I truly love Kentucky and could never completely leave.  Kentucky kicks ass

Alright, first up is a 1920's Queenslander or as I like to call it, "The Pretty One".  It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on two floors.  Listed at $1,095,000.  Even if I won that lottery, I think it's still out of the price range I would feel comfortable paying for a home on only .1 acre (405 square meters).

This kitchen.  I die.  I think it is perfect. I would want to buy this house simply for this beautiful kitchen.

It has a salt water pool with an amazing waterfall.  It would be so relaxing to sit on those chairs with a good book and the sound of that waterfall.  More information and photos can be found on the listing.

Now this second home... it's not even about the house.  It's about this...

Uh... HELLO AUSTRALIA!  I can smell the fresh, clean air just looking at these.

I like the large, open drive way.  It feels inviting.

I love the openness of this kitchen.  The wooden countertop gives it a nice warm feeling.  Though I would definitely want to use the color palette from the first house!  The awesome part is that the walls are actually a similar color so I'd just need to paint the cabinets and put that nice tile accent behind the stovetop area!

The bathroom seems a little "cozy", but honestly, how much room do you really need?  Usually I am in and out of there in 10 minutes.  That sink, mirror, and base are cute and unique.

The outdoor area looks to be a great size, but I wouldn't be looking that way.  I'd be looking away from the house at this view!

You know I love these views, but this isn't even the best part of the property.  This property has solar panels, solar water heater, concrete water tanks and greywater tanks!  Bonus: 378 acres.  Price: $1,150,000.  You can find more information and other photos here.


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    1. I know several people in our area who have converted their pools over to salt water. It's my understanding that they are much easier to maintain.

  2. I love your new background, so colorful!!

    Anyway, I love looking at homes and dream!

    1. =) Thanks! I know the layout has been all over the place over the last few weeks. I've just been trying to find "The One", ya know? Ha! I tried one out that I had purchased years ago, but it didn't have access to the threaded comments and that's a feature that I use!

      I love looking at homes too! It's a great way to find ideas for our own homes!