First of 30 Days

Back in May, I did a blog challenge called Blog Every Day in May.  While I did miss a few days, I found that it was enjoyable and helpful to have that prompt every day.

I've seen a couple of blogs that are doing a challenge for the month of November.  It originated here.  With everything going on this month (holidays, basketball season ramping up, etc.), I decided I'd give it a whirl! It's definitely not a secret that sometimes I need a little push to get the words flowing.

Since today is the 3rd, I'm already a little behind.  I don't want to write a novel so I'll kind of break it up by writing a prompt and posting at different times.

And awaaay we go!


The origins of my blog's name are quite simple.  My children are named Neil, Kaia, and Rowan.  Ne-Ka-Ro.

I don't have a "tagline".  I have had one in the past, but nothing really seemed to fit.  I don't write a food blog or a fashion blog, but I wouldn't consider it a "mommy" blog either.  I just write about what is on my mind or what happens to be going on around me.  And occasionally, I do a little challenge, like a weekly photo challenge or a challenge like this one.  Maybe I should have just named it The Random Stuff on My Mind Blog.

My blog has had other names in the past.  Most notably, it was called Distract Me with Shiny Things. Because I get distracted by shiny objects and sometimes non-shiny objects.  Like today, when I discovered a place online to purchase non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds.  Suddenly I was breaking out pencil and paper to plot out my garden for the Spring.  I wasn't even online to look for seeds.

So that's what's up with my blog's name.  What prompted you to call your blog what you do?

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  1. Angie's Angle - I was trying to think of a somewhat catchy title that would fit in with a wide range of ideas/thoughts/reviews and not be just single based. So a friend came up with adding in Angle after my name. Presto I liked it!