Tiny Garden Success

Remember that cute little okra from the other day?  Turns out it wasn't okra.  It was a bloom!  It was awfully pretty too, but I thought I'd have time to go back the next day and snap a quick photo.  When I returned the next day, it was all closed up and fell away when I touch it.  Instead there was a tiny little okra bud.

Aw... it's so cute! (said as if you were talking to a weetle baby)

We've got little okras everywhere!  I'm so giddy.  But I'm terribly worried.  It's October and the temperatures are starting to show it.  Last night, the temperature fell to the high 40's (Fahrenheit)  This mornings temperatures were 25 degrees colder than yesterday morning.  Yikes!  I'm scared for my little okra babies!  I'm trying to find the right spot in the house to move them indoors where they'll be able to get plenty of sunlight.  Crossing my fingers and toes that I don't traumatize them!

Everything else in this years garden attempt failed.  I'm desperate to make these okra pods grow like there is no tomorrow!!

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