The Time Has Come

To break out the throw covers and slippers.

Unfortunately for us, this also means space heaters.

Several months ago, our central heat and air unit (a heat pump) started making strange noises and generally began to crap out.  In the time that we have lived in this house, we've invested more money into this ages old unit than we care to remember.  It's never been the most useful and the house isn't new.  Meaning drafty windows & doors and an unfinished cinderblock/concrete basement.  The Summer that our youngest was born, we had to have it serviced to the tune of about $400.  She's only two.  So we purchased a couple of window air conditioners.  We borrowed one from my in-laws and one from my father.  We managed to make it work.  Our electric bill actually went down.

Keeping the house cool wasn't as big a worry for me as keeping the house warm is going to be.  Heat just seems to escape more quickly.  The temperatures have been steadily dropping here.  We needed something to heat our rather large living room, but we don't have the extra funds to spend hundreds of dollars on heaters.  We got lucky last week to find that Wal-Mart had some heaters on clearance.

This morning has been the coldest temperatures we've had so far.  Down into the 20's.  While the house was manageably warm, it's obvious we will be needing more sources.  Bummer.

 Now the concern moves to how much this is going to raise the monthly electric bill.


  1. I'm sitting here listening to the hum of our little space heater... I cannot believe this cold snap! It was Indian summer BOOM winter. Yikes! I hope these two freezes don't affect the leaves changing!

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with that hum. I know it's going to make it all cozy and warm, but I also hear faintly in the background... "cha-ching, cha-ching" because I know my bill is going up.

      The next semi-warm day, we need to get those pictures taken. Did you see how my impatiens just withered overnight because of the frost? The leaves won't play around. They'll be gone soon I'm afraid.

  2. I remember living in an apartment with terrible heating. I would sit huddled in blankets and next to a space heater. I would still freeze. It was awful.

    I hope you don't freeze!

    1. The temps are going up this week! So I'll at least be good for the foreseen future! :)