First Things First

Way back in January, I made a list of 30 goals for the year.  I had to shorten the list of goals from previous years .  In 2012, it had been 52 and I didn't come anywhere close.  This year is going much better though there are still some goals that just ain't going to happen.

Number 29 on the list was learn to knit.  I did accomplish this and I've discovered that I absolutely love it.  I feel like I've been missing out on something awesome my whole life.  There have been some bumps and confusion along the way.  Several videos and books later, I've found that it comes naturally once you find the right groove.

This leads me to goal number 12.  Sell what I make.  Well, not everything I make.  I'm blessed to have a toddler to make things for and a friend who is expecting a new baby some time between the end of December and the beginning of January.  Eventually I want to venture into adult sizes, but for now...

Sew Nekaro on ETSY

My first knitted item for sale!  Made to order with a choice of blue or pink, with or without a bow.

And now... I'm off to knit even more things!!


  1. those are adorable......ohhh now I get to hear you say ...."hold on a sec while I finish this row....."-------I am really proud of your accomplishments

  2. I love them! You have to teach me your knitty ways! I so want to learn! Maybe we can schedule a trip to the HL soon and I can get some needles and a crash course...

    The hats are adorable! They make my brain say 'Must buy all the tiny baby things!' :)

    1. I'm still a newbie myself, but I'll show you all I know! The impulse to buy all the tiny baby things is what made me decide to finally take a swing at learning. The amount of free to inexpensive patterns out there is phenomenal.