Brace Face & Four Eyes

Last week my son, Neil, got the first of his orthodontics put on.  He started with just the brackets on the top front eight teeth and then spacers on several others to make room for a Herbst appliance.  The Herbst looks like little shock absorbers that will correct his overbite.

Yesterday the spacers were removed, the Herbst was put in, and wires were attached to the top brackets.

Here he is looking like a spiky porcupine. He wouldn't let me take any after photos. He was doing ok until he attempted to eat something for supper.  The office didn't tell us anything other than 1) don't open your mouth super wide, and 2) don't move your jaw side-to-side.

They neglected to tell us the little details about a Herbst device.  Like that it works by forcing your lower jaw forward which makes the previously lined up back teeth no longer touch.  So chewing anything beyond oatmeal, ramen, or spaghetti is damn near impossible.   Eventually they will line back up, but it's going to be a lot of mashed potatoes for a while.

For the entertainment portion of our day...

My mom found a pair of my old glasses that I wore when I was in middle school. Well, I actually only wore these a handful of times because they're super awesome redness actually was very distracting. I wanted them because of Becca Thacher.

As soon as I put them on, through the bursting laughter, I said,

"Oh my GAWD! They are touching my cheeks!!!!"

To which my mother said,

"And your head used to be so much smaller!"


More laughter ensued and I may have peed muh pants a little.

Ob-la-di!  Ob-la-da!  Life goes on!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, life goes on!

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